nothing wavering

I learned more about faith in the summer of 1998 at Vacation Bible School (VBS). I was the director of that VBS and the Lord had confirmed things with me such as how many students to expect, what the program would be, etc. As a matter of fact, He gave me the entire program from crafts, to games, to songs, skits, etc. I had to be ready with paper and pencil to write everything down or I'd miss something! So, the bottom line is that it was the Lord's VBS from the top to the bottom. He was in control.

Anyway, it was about a week before VBS and both copy machines in the church were broken. It took the repairman forever to come out to fix them and then when he did, he didn't do it right. I went to have copies made at a copy place on one day. It cost a bundle!

The next day, as I was getting ready to run some errands (going to make more copies was one of the errands) it hit me.......HOLD EVERYTHING! This VBS was God's! He planned it and we had made sure that we were giving Him all the glory and all the honor. It was His!

I looked up the scripture,
 "But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."
James 1:6

I then prayed. I told God that it was His VBS and I knew that He wanted the teachers and kids to have the copies of things that they needed for the program that He had provided. I knew He wanted us to have access to a copy machine throughout the two weeks of VBS; that He didn't want us to have to keep sending someone to Kinko's to make copies.

I then prayed for more faith. I knew I had a problem with faith. I had to believe one or both of the copy machines would work- -without wavering! I decided not to stop to make copies at Kinko's. I ran my other errands, praying all the while (for a working copy machine and, even more, for my faith to not waver). I had to stop at one of the teacher's houses to pick up some colored paper. She asked me if the copy machine was working. I told her what I had prayed and told her it would work. (I kept starting to waver and would catch myself and say, "Nothing wavering, nothing wavering.") She told me to call her if it didn't and she would go have copies made somewhere. I told her it WOULD WORK!

Well, next stop was the church. I went in and turned the older copy machine on to warm up and went around doing other stuff for a while. When it was ready (nothing wavering, nothing wavering) I went in and started MAKING COPIES!

Only the one machine would work, which was fine.

I called the teacher to tell her about it. She came over and, while I was in another room, she went to make copies. I heard her calling my name. The machine had jammed. I unjammed it for her and she tried again- -it jammed. (nothing wavering)
I unjammed it (nothing wavering)
and laid my hands on the teacher (nothing wavering)
and prayed for her faith. She tried again (nothing wavering)
I unjammed it. She handed me the paper she needed to copy and said, "Whenever you get it fixed I need 10 copies of this."

I looked at the paper, looked at the copy machine (nothing wavering) and placed the paper on the glass (NOTHING WAVERING),
 pulled the paper jam out of the bottom of the machine (NOTHING WAVERING), pressed 10 (NOTHING WAVERING),
 pressed the copy button (NOTHING WAVERING!!!),
and gave the teacher her 10 copies! HALLELUJAH, nothing wavered!!  Her wavering faith prevented her from making copies.

When I used to read the part where it talks about if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can get a mountain to move I would believe it. I mean, I would say, sure I could, but deep down inside I didn't believe it. Yeah, right, move a mountain!

Well, let's take a look at what is involved in having faith. First of all, God is God. He created the universe, for heaven's sake! Is anything too hard for Him? Is fixing a COPY MACHINE too hard for Him???

I knew that I knew that I knew He wanted us to have a working copy machine. I knew it wasn't just something I desired. It wasn't my VBS, it wasn't the church's VBS, it was HIS VBS! He gave me the entire program and the program required copies!  He doesn't give us a job and then not give us the tools to complete it!

Conclusion I drew: I need to be in tune with what God wants. When He wants something I need to pray in faith, nothing wavering, that it will take place. Then I need to expect it to happen. It appears that the unbelief of others can interfere with what God wants to do. However, enough faith can overpower unbelief.

There is another article that has examples of faith and staying focused.  It is called Another Position Filled in the Body of Christ.


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