God's Desire

He is all I need
He is all I need
He is all I need
Jesus is all I need....

God responds to the lyrics:
The Sacrifice determines the resurrection glory experienced.
The purity, the fullness, the completeness of the sacrifice, when it is offered, will bring great glory.

And what are you to sacrifice to Me?
Yourself, dear one, for that is all you have to give.

I am not interested in your money.
I desire your heart.

I am not impressed with your service.
I desire your will in unity and submission to Mine.

Your talents and abilities, that you are so taken with, do not bless Me -
a humble and obedient soul is music to My ears.

The fine, wonderful buildings men build in My name are not Mine - they are yours,
for your enjoyment, giving glory only to man.

The building, and the only building, I am interested in is My church-
built with the living stones of My children-
aglow with My spirit, on fire with My love, serving and worshipping and bringing Glory to My name with
every step they take,
every word they utter,
every thought they think.

Tearing down strongholds of the enemy,
taking back territory and freeing the captives,
casting off burdens and every evil work of satan,
causing My glory to flood the earth.

That is My Vision.
That is My Plan.
That is My Desire.
That is My Work in each of you.



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