The Throne Room of Almighty God is filled with Jewels of Holiness



November 14, 1996
While praying with someone for another close friend who was struggling with life and God I saw in my spirit the throne of God surrounded by brilliant jewels. After my prayer partner left, my spirit was still so overwhelmed by what I had seen that I got pen and paper and started writing. . .




Jesus, You have just given me a little glimpse of what You see in Your Kingdom. You called all your children jewels of gold and silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds. Dirty rocks that men would throw away are transformed into beautiful, priceless gems by the Fire of the Holy Spirit - the Refining Fire that burns away all the dross and leaves only the pure holiness of Almighty God in its wake.
The Throne Room of Almighty God is filled with Jewels of Holiness won back from satan’s kingdom by the power of the Blood of Jesus and transformed into Jewels of Glory by the Fire of the Holy Spirit. A Glorious Rainbow of Jewels in settings of Gold and Silver surround the Throne of God. His Children. Transformed into His Image and Glory by the Word and Power of the Son and Holy Spirit.

For Love, In Love, By Love.
There is no other way in God because He IS Love.

We have no concept of the GLORY we are attaining to by turning from the world and its ways. There is nothing in this earth to compare to the Glory of God.

Earth’s most glorious vistas, most beautiful creations,
most elegant and lofty attempts are mere shadows,
fleeing and empty, compared to the Glory
that belongs to the Almighty One.

That He would share this Glory with us!
That He would labor and suffer and empty Himself
so that we could be filled.
That He would agree to drink of our blackness
so that we could be filled with His Light.
He is truly a God of Abundance.
As great as His Glory is He longed for more.
So the Father made man to be a reflection of His Glory
as a mirror reflects light.
He made millions and millions and millions
to be reflections of His Glory.
But that we become mere reflections wasn’t enough.
That basically describes angels.
As glorious as that is, He again longed for more.
So He made man in His Image.
Not only were we made to be reflections of His Glory,
we were made to be LIKE HIM.
The substance of what God “is” was breathed into man
to bring him to life.
Children of God.
Who ever heard of such a thing?
God, the Almighty,
the Glorious,
the Everlasting,
the Creator,
the Author and Finisher of all there is,
not wanting to hold all unto Himself
but greatly desiring, longing
to share all with His Creation.
To share Himself,
His very Essence.
Creating not just servants,
not created beings to rule over and
to proclaim and show forth His Greatness to –
but children.
Children that He would allow to be like Him,
with a free will.
A will by which they could choose to call Him God
or reject Him as God and choose another way.
This cannot be!
How can the Almighty One, the only true God,
allow created beings such freedom, such power?
How can God Himself endow His creatures
with His Life,
with His Essence,
and then give them the freedom to choose?
The choice is the proof that our God is a God of Love.
Not a God who loves
But a God Who Is Love.
The very nature of Love is to give without limits.
To empty itself for the object of it’s love.
To not measure the cost.
To BE Love,
one has to have something to love –
and for love to be completed
that love has to be returned in the same way it is given.
How can an Almighty God give and receive back the love that He gives? Impossible! – for there is only ONE GOD.
Love found a way. Children.
Recreating oneself.
Giving of the essence of His Life to make another life.
And so it was done.
Adam was created in the image of God Himself
and the essence of Life that is God was breathed into him
and he became a living soul.
The dream was a reality.



But Love cannot be created.
Adam, by living in the presence of God and learning of God, would become not merely a reflection of God but take on the character and being of His Creator Father and become Love and He is Love. And thereby comes the necessity of free will, for without it, the process of Love could never take place.
With free will enters the possibility of the wrong choice; the necessity that there has to be a choice or there is no free will. And without free will there is no Love.
Not Agape Love.
Knowing that man would fail and make the wrong choice does not deter a loving God, for Love sees beyond the darkness and into the Glory of Redemption. Love knows the Glory that will result from the fire of tribulation. Love sees the end from the beginning and approves of the process that will bring His children into the fullness of Love and Glory.

Love brought us into this world.
Love will keep us in this world.
Love will bring us into His Glory.

The process is necessary to bring many sons
into the Glory of God.
Not just as reflections of His Light but as a very part of the Light.
Love was not satisfied to look out into eternity
and see Himself merely reflected throughout the expanse.
Love desired for His very self to fill up all in all –
And so He made man in His Image
And set man on the pathway to attain to His Glory.

The path is dark and difficult, treacherous for those not filled with His Light. Many turn away and others, who try and travel the path to God’s Glory without His light, fall by the wayside or get lost. Only those who accept the True light of God find His Life and are given the power and strength to follow the path to His Glory.
Love offers Itself to all.
Those who accept enter into the fullness of God Himself, the Glorious One,
and are made into His Image and become like Him
Anyone who will open their eyes and heart to Love
Will see their God.
Anyone who will look around at the world and search for the
Truth of Love,
Will find God in It’s midst.
Anyone who will open their heart and allow Love to take over and ` Fill to overflowing every beat, every breath,
Will taste of their God.
Those that say there is no God are truly blind.
Those that ask “how could God?” know nothing of God and
Are truly ignorant.
Those who live by the world’s wisdom and laws
Are truly deceived.
Those who do not give all they have to follow the Light
Are truly poverty stricken.
Those who grasp after the life of this world
Are dead already.
But there must be a death to be able to receive Life.
There must be poverty to be able to attain to true riches.
There must be darkness for the Light to be able to shine.
In turmoil, Peace will break forth.
Joy must be preceded by sadness for it’s fullness
to ripen and be tasted.



And so Wisdom brings forth Faith and Hope in LOVE.
Wisdom knows God.
Wisdom knows God knows.
Wisdom trusts the God Who is Love
And Births Faith and Hope in the hearts
Of those who possess Her.

And those who hold Wisdom in their hearts,
Are filled with Faith and Hope
And travel the path victoriously to God’s Throne
of Grace and Glory
And are transformed in His Presence into
To be Like their Father
For Ever and Ever

by Pat Chappel



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