Donald Eilers


The first thing I'm going to say is what I write pertains to me as well as all of you!  Who do you depend on?  If you are like me you have depended on "self" way too much.  God wants us to depend on him for everything just like a child depends on his parents.  He IS our Father, isn't He?

But, you say, I'm too old for that!  How old are you, really, compared to eternity?  We all try to be wise, and some get wiser than others.  In reality we are nothing without God!

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is a gift from God!  Every breath we take, every movement we make, every thought we have is a gift from God.

What about the bad that we do?  That's where choice comes in.  God does give the freedom to choose Him and His good, or we can choose bad and it's consequences.  I don't care how good we think our choices are, they will never be good enough to please God.

Besides Jesus Chris, who was God in the flesh, there were only two men who pleased God, Enoch and Elijah.  God thought enough of them to translate them to his presence before they saw death.  Out of all the billions of people who have been on this Earth,
to have only two that pleased God shows just how much our "self-will" hurts us.

To me this shows just how much we need to depend on God and His will in EVERYTHING!

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