The Little Girl
By G A Finnstrom © 02-05


Sierra walked to and from school every day a ritual common for many children…

Though the weather this morning was questionable with clouds forming over the horizon Sierra made her daily walk to the elementary school.

Throughout the day more and more clouds were forming and the winds were starting to get stronger, then thunder and lightning started to move in as well. Sierra’s mother was getting concerned her daughter would be scared. The lightning would cut through the sky like a flaming sword… the mother put on her coat then drove to meet her daughter.

As she was driving she saw her daughter walking down the sidewalk but every time a lightning bolt would cut through the sky her daughter would stop then looked up and smiled... The mother watched her daughter do this for a while she became very curious why Sierra was doing this.

Sierra’s mother turned the car around and drove up next to her daughter and opened the door for her to get in…. The mother watched her daughter in the seat next to her for a moment then asked if she was afraid of the lightning Sierra replied she was not afraid of the lightning or thunder… then the mother asked her why she kept looking up into the sky and smile… Sierra looked at her mother then told her God keeps taking pictures of me…

God will always watch over you during the storms of your life

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