Names of God

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Updated 2/17/11
The Bible provides us with the many names of God.  Some of the names are titles and some are descriptions of Him.

These are the names I've harvested so far.  They are in alphabetical order. 

Notice that the most personal name of all, Abba (Daddy), comes first and Worthy comes last.  As I meditate on the names I am overwhelmed at how He is first my Daddy and yet He is the Almighty God, the First and Last, Mighty and Terrible, and so many other great and powerful names!  Then, at the end, we find He is Worthy.  He is Worthy of all we can give Him.

Try meditating on His names.  Make them personal.  Keep going back to Abba as you absorb the meanings behind His names.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself prone on the floor, weeping with joy!

Also, as you read your Bible or as you are praying try intermingling God's names.  If you did not have a loving human father try inserting Father of the Fatherless in place of His other names.  If you are in the midst of turmoil try calling Him Peacemaker or Refuge from the Storm.  Find one of His names that touches where you are at the moment and use it as you pray and as you read your Bible.  You will be amazed at how much more personal God feels when you do that.

"O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together."  Psalm 34:3

Ponder this scripture prayerfully.
There is something more there than meets the eye:
"Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth."

(Also see the Redemptive Names of God)
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Updated 3/15/04

Abba Rom 8:15
Above All Eph 4:6
Almighty God Deut 10:17
Alpha & Omega Rev 21:6
Always Awake Ps 121:4
Amen, The Rev 3:14
Ancient of Days Dan 7:9
Avenger Ps 94:1
Blessed Ps 144:1
Calmer of Storms Ps 107:29
Clothed With Honor Ps 104:1
Clothed With Majesty Ps 93:1
Clothed With Strength Ps 93:1
Comforter Is 66:13
Compassionate Lam 3:22
Conqueror of Our/My Enemies Ps 108:13
Consolation Rom 15:5
Consuming Fire Deut 4:24
Counselor Is 28:29
Covenant Keeper Ps 89:34
Covered With Light Ps 104:2
Creator Gen 1:1
Creator of the North & South Ps 89:12
Crown of Glory Is 28:5
Defense Ps 94:22
Deliverer Ps 91:3
Dew Hos 14:5
Director of My/Our Path Prov 3:6
Disciplinarian Ps 89:32
Doer of Wonders Ps 77:14
Dwelling Place Ps 90:1
El Shaddai (God Almighty) Ex 6:3
Emmanuel Is 8:8
Eternal God Deut 33:27
Everlasting Arms Deut 33:27
Everlasting God Is 40:28
Everlasting to Everlasting Ps 106:48
Everlasting Strength Is 26:4
Excellence Is 28:29
Excellent Ps 76:4
Faithful Lam 3:23
Father Is 63:16
Father of Lights Jms 1:17
Father of the Fatherless Ps 68:5
Feeder of the Hungry Ps 146:7
First & Last Is 41:4
Forgiving Num 14:18
Fortress Ps 91:2
Gentle Is 40:11
Gift Giver Jms 1:17
Giver of Good Things Matt 7:11
Glorious Ps 76:4
Glorious Lord Is 33:21
Glory Ps 3:3
Good Ps 145:7
Gracious Ps 145:8
Great Ps 145:3
Guide Ps 48:14
Habitation Ps 91:9
Healer Ex 15:26
Healer of Broken Hearts Ps 147:3
Helper Ps 146:5
Helper of the Fatherless Ps 10:14
Hiding Place Ps 32:7
High Tower Ps 144:2
Holy One Is 12:6
Holy Lev 19:2
Husband Is 54:5
Husbandman (Gardener) Jo 15:1
I Am Ex 3:14
In Us All Eph 4:6
Infinite Understanding Ps 147:5
Jealous Ex 34:14
Jehovah Jireh (will provide)  Gen 22:14
Jehovah Nissi (our banner) Ex 17:15
Jehovah Shalom (our peace) Judges 6:24
Jehovah Shammah (is there) Ez 48:35
Jehovah Tsidkenu (our righteousness) Jer 23:6
Judge Gen 18:25
Just Is 45:21
Keeper Ps 121:5
King of Glory Ps 24:10
King of All the Earth Ps 47:7
Lawgiver Is 33:22
Lifter of Our/My Head Ps 3:3
Light Ps 27:1
Living Water Jer 2:13
Longsuffering Num 14:18
Lord Gen 15:2
Lord God Omnipotent Rev 19:6
Lord of Hosts Ps 24:10
Lord of Lords Deut 10:17
Lord of the Sabbath Ex 20:10
Lord on High Ps 93:4
Love 1Jo 4:8
Lovingkindness Ps 89:33
Majesty Ps 145:5
Maker of Heaven & Earth Ps 115:15
Man of War Ex 15:3
Merciful Eph 2:4
Mighty Lu 1:49
Mighty & Terrible Ps 93:4
Mighty in Wisdom Job 36:5
Miracle Worker Matt 19:26
Most High Dan 7:27
Never Changing Jms 1:17
Near Ps 145:18
Never Weary Is 40:28
Omnipresent Ps 139:7 10
One Who Sanctifies Num 8:17
Peacemaker Prov 16:7
Perfect Matt 5:48
Physician Ps 103:3
Potter Is 64:8
Powerful Ps 66:7
Promise Keeper Is 46:11
Provider Matt 6:31 33
Ready to Forgive Ps 86:5
Reconciler 2Cor 5:18 19
Redeemer Is 54:5
Refiner Mal 3:3
Refuge Ps 46:1
Refuge from the Storm Is 25:4
Repairer of the Breach Is 58:12
Rescuer Dan 6:27
Revenger Ps 94:1
Righteous Ps 5:8
Rock 2Sam 22:32
Rock of Our/My Refuge Ps 94:22
Rock of Our/My Salvation Ps 89:26
Ruler Judges 8:23
Salvation Ps 91:16
Satisfier of Desires Ps 145:16
Satisifier of the Longing Soul Ps 107:9
Saviour Ps 106:21
Shade on Our/My Right Hand Ps 121:5
Shadow from the Heat Is 25:4
Shepherd Ps 23
Shield Ps 3:3
Slow to Anger Ps 103:8
Song Is 12:2
Steadfast Dan 6:26
Strength to the Needy Is 25:4
Strength to the Poor Is 25:4
Strength, Our/My Ps 46:1
Strong Ps 89:8
Sun, A Ps 84:11
Sustainer Ps 3:5
Teacher Ps 119
Through All Eph 4:6
Trust Ps 71:5
Trustworthy Ps 144:2
Truthful 1Sam 15:29
Upright Ps 25:8
Walks on Wings of the Wind Ps 104:3
Wisdom Dan 2:20
Worthy Rev 4:11




To me, just looking at all the names of Jesus just reinforces the fact that Jesus was God in the flesh.  He wasn't just a prophet.  He wasn't just the son of God.

When I reflect on His names I am continually amazed that Jesus voluntarily sacrificed Himself for me.  My King died for me.  Amazing, simply amazing!

Advocate  1Jo 2:1
Almighty  Rev 1:8
Alpha and Omega  Rev 1:8; 22:13
Amen  Rev 3:14
Apostle of Our Profession  Heb 3:1
Arm of the Lord  Is 51:9; 53:1
Author and Finisher of our Faith  Heb 12:2
Author of Eternal Salvation  Heb 5:9
Beginning of the Creation of God  Rev 3:14
Beloved Son  Matt 12:18
Blessed and only Potentate  1Tim 6:15
Branch  Is 4:2
Bread of Life  Jo 6:32
Captain of Salvation  Heb 2:10
Chief Shepherd  1Pet 5:4
Christ of God  Lu 9:20
Consolation of Israel  Lu 2:25
Cornerstone  Ps 118:22
Counsellor  Is 9:6
Creator  Jo 1:3
Dayspring  Lu 1:78
Deliverer  Rom 11:26
Desired of All Nations  Hag 2:7
Door  Jo 10:7
Elect of God  Is 42:1
Everlasting Father  Is 9:6
Faithful Witness  Rev 1:5
First and Last  Rev 1:17
First Begotten  Rev 1:5
Forerunner  Heb 6:20
Glory of the Lord  Is 40:5
God  Is 40:3; Jo 20:28
God Blessed  Rom 9:5
Good Shepherd  Jo 10:11
Governor  Matt 2:6
Great High Priest  Heb 4:14
Head of the Church  Eph 1:22
Heir of all Things  Heb 1:2
Holy Child  Acts 4:27
Holy One of Israel  Is 41:14
Horn of Salvation  Lu 1:69
I Am  Jo 8:58
Image of God  2Cor 4:4
Immanuel  Is 7:14
Jehovah  Is 26:4
Jesus  Matt 1:21
Jesus of Nazareth  Matt 21:11
Judge of Israel  Mic 5:1
Just One  Acts 7:52
King  Zech 9:9
King of Kings  1Tim 6:15
King of Saints  Rev 15:3
King of the Ages  1Tim 1:17
King of the Jews  Matt 2:2
Lawgiver  Is 33:22
Lamb  Rev 13:8
Lamb of God  Jo 1:29
Leader  Is 55:4
Life  Jo 14:6
Light of the World  Jo 8:12
Lion of the Tribe of Judah  Rev 5:5
Lord of All  Acts 10:36
Lord of Glory  1Cor 2:8
Lord of Lords  1Tim 6:15
Lord Our Righteousness  Jer 23:6
Man of Sorrows  Is 53:3
Mediator  1 Tim 2:5
Messenger of the Covenant  Mal 3:1
Messiah  Dan 9:25; Jo 1:41
Mighty God  Is 9:6
Mighty One  Is 60:16
Morning Star  Rev 22:16
Nazarene  Matt 2:23
Only Begotten Son  Jo 1:18
Our Passover  1Cor 5:7
Prince of Kings  Rev 1:5
Prince of Life  Acts 3:15
Prince of Peace Prophet  Lu 24:19; Acts 3:22
Redeemer  Job 10:25
Resurrection and Life  Jo 11:25
Redemption  1Co 1:30
Righteousness  1Co 1:30
Rock  1Cor 10:4
Root of David  Rev 22:16
Rose of Sharon  SofS 2:1
Sanctification  1Co 1:30
Savior  Lu 2:11
Son of David  Matt 1:1
Son of God  Matt 2:15
Son of Man  Matt 8:20
Son of Righteousness  Mal 4:2
Son of the Blessed  Mk 14:61
Son of the Highest  Lu1:32
True Light  Jo 1:9
True Vine  Jo 15:1
Truth  Jo 1:14
Wisdom  1Co 1:30
Witness  Is 55:4
Word  Jo 1:1
Word of God  Rev 19:13


I made a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with this same information. You can get it here.

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