by Donald Eilers



I keep hearing how some are offended by me calling God "Papa". This is what He told me:

He is no longer an untouchable God as some wanted to keep Him. He lives inside of each of His children. He has made His children sanctified, justified, righteous, and holy through His blood.

He tore down that veil when he was on that cross. He has chosen to be intimate with us and all He wants is that He is allowed to lead.

He says that with that intimacy comes responsibility to never NOT obey Him. That is where many of His children go wrong. They choose to disobey and let "self" have its way.

He wants to be our most intimate friend. He says it is easy to be all He has made us
IF we choose to, but it is a choice every minute of every day.

So, He says He will be my Papa, your Father, or your God as long as He leads.

Papa God's son and servant, Don


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