ďHe that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.Ē
John 7:38

Are your family and friends swimming in the Love of Jesus flowing from your belly, or are they drowning in criticism and unkind words?  We need to go to Jesus daily, sometimes two or three times a day, and be refreshed.

If we donít let Jesus purify the river after we have allowed it to become filled with anger, hatred, and things that hurt the Heart of Jesus, then others will never be able to swim in the Love of Jesus flowing from us.

When Jesus hung on that Cross and suffered agony that the human mind canít possibly comprehend, His Precious Blood became a river on the ground so that you and I can have assurance of a Home in Heaven for Eternity.  It was not convenient for Jesus to die for us.  He did it out of obedience to His Father, and out of Love for us.

How can we do less than Jesus asks us to do when He gave His all for us!  If you have allowed your river of the Love of Jesus to become filled with things that turn people from Jesus, then you need to immediately ask Jesus to purify His River of Love in you.

Note from Joanne:
Give someone a hug today and tell that person it is from Jesus because He loves that person.

August 16, 2005


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