"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."
Proverbs 4:23

I have been trying to fold fitted sheets for years like my sister folds them.  She makes them look so beautiful, almost like they are brand new.  I have only been able to fold them twice the way she does.  It really bothered me because I thought there was something wrong with me.

Jesus told me that He was not impressed with the way I folded the sheets, what He cares about is what is in my heart when I lay on those sheets.  For many years, when I went to bed my heart was not right with Him.

How about you? Is your heart right with Jesus when you go to bed?  If Jesus were to return before morning, are you ready to meet Him?  Can you say without any doubts that you have made a heart commitment to Jesus?  You can fool yourself, your family and friends, but you canít fool Jesus.

September 21, 2005


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