"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones."
Proverbs 16:24

As I was relaxing in the tub tonight and letting the warmth of the water soothe the pain of the arthritis in my body, I was reminded of the warmth of the Love of Jesus.  He extends His Love to us in so many ways.

When someone calls us on the telephone, sends us an email, says a kind word to us, or gives us a hug, that is Jesus Loving us through people.  Have you been giving the Love of Jesus to others?  If you donít have the Love of Jesus in your heart, it is impossible to show His Love.

I received several emails this week from people who said, "I really appreciate you praying for me".  Have you prayed for your family and friends today?

The world that we live in has become so full of violence, hatred, and crime that all of us need a kind word and a hug.  The person who says, "I donít need anybody is deceiving himself or herself".

We need to always remember that when we are kind to others by our words and actions we are being kind to Jesus.  When you and I say cruel words on purpose to somebody, then we have broke the Heart of Jesus once again.  Letís make a special effort to say kind words to one another and make Jesus happy this week.

September 27, 2005



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