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Study Bible E Sword

  (Comments are below the book)
Devotional Smith Wigglesworth Whitaker House 1999
Streams in the Desert L.B. Cowman Zondervan Publishing House 1997
Daily in Your Presence Rebecca Barlow Jordan Barbour Publishing, Inc. 2002
Intimate conversations with God using His names
My Utmost for His Highest Oswald Chambers Barbour Publishing, Inc.1963
Share My Pleasant Stones Eugenia Price Zondervan Publishing House1957
 (Comments are below the book)
Walk Out of Worry Janice Wise Gospel Light Publications 1988
This study helped me tremendously!  I used to worry about everything!  I got IMMEDIATE relief.
It's a workbook and you look up the scriptures yourself.  It proves to you that worry is a sin.
Humility Andrew Murray Bethany House 2001
Come Away My Beloved,
Make Haste My Beloved, and/or
Dialogues With God
Frances J. Roberts King's Farspan, Inc. 1970
Read one of these messages from God each day and meditate on it.  You will be blessed.
The Elijah Task John & Paula Sandford Victory House, Inc. 1977
 If you feel you have been gifted in the prophetic this book will help you understand some things about it.
The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible (KJV) Spiros Zodhiates, Th.D., Executive Editor AMG Publishers 1984
  It has a good-sized concordance, Strongs Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, and lots more.
There are a few opinionated notations that are way off base, but you can ignore them.
The cross references and reference materials are worth it!
Franklin Holy Bible An electronic Bible with word finder. AMG Publishers 1984
  This isn't exactly a regular book, but it is really great.  I keep it in my Bible because it helps me to find scripture by key words.
Also, when I am doing any studies that require only single scriptures it is easy to look them up and to scroll to see the previous and next verses.
I got it at for only $46.  They also have other, fancier, ones.
The God Chasers Tommy Tenney Destiny Image Publishers 1998
 This book opened my eyes to what God can do in an "ordinary" church service.
The God Catchers Tommy Tenney Thomas Nelson, Inc. 2000
 This is the sequel to The God Chasers


If you want to look for the above books just go to these links and search for them.  If you don't mind having a used book, try first.  You may get a great bargain!  I bought books for less than the shipping charges!
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At you can buy new books as well as used books.  I've had good success in buying used books there.  I even bought one of the Come Away My Beloved for only one cent (plus shipping)!  If you click on this link to go shopping there they will give me some shopping credit. has all sorts of stuff besides just books!  That's where I bought my digital camera and I got a great deal!!
At you can get books as well as music and lots more.  You can listen to clips of music before you buy it.  You can also list the music by price so you can get some really great deals! I got some books on tape and on cd to listen to while we are traveling and only paid $5 each!!
(Notice the link will send you right to the specials!  "Clearance Sale" is my second favorite shopping phrase, the first is "Free!")
This is the physical Christian store where I shop.  They have an online place where you can shop, too.  Their stuff isn't necessarily inexpensive like a lot of the things at the link above. Visit Or Your Local Store!
Barnabus the Bible Bear Barnabus the Bible Bear

This darling bear tells you nine different Bible verses when you squeeze him.  These are great for kids and even great for adults!  If your church youth group wants to do a fundraiser by selling them contact the people at the web site and they will accomodate you. I bought one and it is adorable! 

The verses are spoken by a young child and are very easy to hear and understand.  It comes with three AA batteries and they are in a plastic compartment that needs a small screwdriver to open it.  The plastic compartment fits into a decent-sized hole on his back (so you don't have to wrestle with Barnabus to change his batteries) that closes securely with velcro.  So, you will have to decide if that is secure enough for the intended recipient.  I suppose you could always use some sturdy thread and sew the velcro more securely closed to keep curious hands out and just cut the thread to change the batteries.

It also has an on/off switch on the battery box so you can silence the bear at night in case it gets lots of hugs when it is time for bed! Barnabus will sit on his own or lie down.  He is soft and huggable.  He has a pretty satin bow around his neck.  I highly recommend him!  He's darling!

I found a shoe/sandal that is MARVELOUS for tender feet.  They are called Nothinz and here's a picture of one (there are other colors).  It hardly weighs a thing, it doesn't retain odors or bacteria, it is EXTREMELY cushiony, it cleans up very easily, and it can be worn inside the house or outside.  The strap can be worn forward or over the heel.  I wear mine forward and they don't try to slip off my foot.

I love mine and, as I am writing this, I've worn them every single day almost all day long for about six months. My husband also got a pair and they even help his knee to feel better (he had a bicycle accident and hurt his knee) but doesn't have men's. The tread is finally starting to show some wear after all this time, but that is the only thing. has them for the same price I paid for them with no shipping charges (at least as I'm writing this that is the case).  I have people stop me all the time and ask where I got them.

I wear an 8 1/2 to 9 and I got a 9 and it is perfect.  They are wide on the inside so probably won't work if you have a narrow foot.

Since I wrote the above description I have purchased a red pair and a white pair in addition to my pink pair and will soon be buying more.  I LOVE them!  I can wear them with or without socks.  They are great for wearing to the airport because they slip right off to go through the x-ray thing.  My feet are very happy!

Total:  $29.99 plus shipping
(as of 12/10)

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