October 2004
Charlie, J.J.
Jeremy, me, and Casey
Our most recent official family portrait

Family portrait


The Meyerett Family

April 2007
Kay, Jeremy, Charlie, J.J., Casey
San Diego, CA in front of the USS Midway

Every Christmas we take a family picture of everyone who is attending.
The last three years it has been me, Charlie, Casey, and Jeremy.
Christmas 2009 2008
Christmas 2008 2007
Christmas 2006 2006

I bought four small picture frames that looked like the fronts of cars.  The place where the picture goes is the windshield of the car.

I then took pictures I had and scanned them and did some cut and paste.

My husband was a driver education teacher and those frames were on top of a filing cabinet in his classroom.  As you can see I added steering wheels, seat belts, and even some hands.

1. My husband is driving and I put his parents in the back seat.

2. Rusty is taking Moo Moo for a drive.

3.  Charlie is driving my nephew around.

4. My son, Jeremy, is driving my other two sons around.  Casey's in the back seat and J.J.'s in the front. 

I sure enjoy smiling and I like to share smiles, too.


Pictures I pasted together


My Mom My in-laws and grandson
My mom My in-laws and grandson


My husband, Charlie, sons Jeremy and Casey, and me
2002  Casey playing the bassoon
Charlie, Jeremy, Casey, and me Casey playing bassoon
8/02  Charlie, Casey, and me 2003
My oldest son, J.J., in the middle.
He got to meet Lisa Brokop (left) and Jimmy Wayne (right).
Charlie, Casey, and me 2002 J.J. & Jimmy Wayne & Lisa Brokop 2003

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