I find it hard to trust attorneys because I've had such ridiculous experiences with them
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F. X. Sean O'Doherty
The things this guy did are inexcusable!

Edward A. Graham, Jr.
An attorney that doesn't have good communication skills??

Patricia Grace
What?  More communication problems?


F. X. Sean O'Doherty
333 S. Grand Ave, 25th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017
10601 Civic Center Drive, Suite 120, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
15635 Alton Pkwy #260, Irvine, CA, 92618

Lied to me multiple times and did not inform me of very important events having to do with my case

Mr. O'Doherty was hired by our insurance company to represent us on a serious car accident claim.  A man had pulled out in front of my son and, as a result, was killed.  All witnesses and investigation proved my son was not doing anything wrong.  However, since we live in the USA everyone has the right to sue.  The widow and the passenger sued us.  I'm leaving a ton of bad stuff out of this list to keep it fairly short.

5/17/03: The first time we met Mr. O'Doherty he started out with two big lies and a few smaller ones.  I'll give you the big ones.

1.  He said he didn't have results from the county coroner's office because they were backlogged.  I called the coroner and they had the results ready almost a year prior!

2.  He also told us we shouldn't file a counterclaim against the deceased yet he had already filed one on our behalf!

6/30/03: We found out that he used a copy of my son's signature to declare that my son had read some forms, which he hadn't.
7/3/03:  I received a letter from O'Doherty containing a settlement demand faxed to him on 6/25/03 and the offer was valid until 7/3/03 at noon. It caused me to panic because it was past the deadline to respond.  In that same letter he stated, " is my duty to represent your interest in this case and present your wishes to the insurance carrier." Looking back I believe our wishes were never considered.  He had already discussed the settlement with our insurance company and they had decided to ignore it, although his letter to me didn't say that.  My wishes?  I'd say he didn't care one tiny bit about my wishes in spite of what his letter said.
8/1/03: I found out later that Mr. O'Doherty told the court what dates he and we would be available for trial.  He never asked us what dates we were available.
8/11/03: Mr. O'Doherty's letter, responding to my 7/7/03 letter to him, stated he would send me updates every 30 days. He never did not provide me with 30-day updates. Off and on I continued to ask him for copies of things.  Sometimes I had to request them many times before receiving them.  Other things I never received even though he said he would send them to me.
2/28/04: Mr. O'Doherty called to tell us to meet him 30 minutes early on the day we were to give depositions so he could tell us deposition procedures that he had said in one of his 2/18/04 letters he would tell us over the phone.
3/1/04: (deposition day) My son and I arrived 45 minutes early. After we had been waiting for him for a long time Mr. O'Doherty called the opposing attorney on his cell phone and asked him to tell us that he would be late. I was extremely uncomfortable being approached by the opposing attorney. Mr. O'Doherty arrived 45 minutes AFTER the scheduled start time of the deposition. It turned out that Mr. O'Doherty's wife had car troubles and he chose to be late to our deposition so he could help her!  How long does it take to tell her to call a tow truck?
3/15/04: The arbitration that Mr. O'Doherty told us would be taking place in his 1/13/04 and 1/28/04 letters never happened. He never told us it was cancelled.  I found out later while looking at the court records.
5/7/04: Mr. O'Doherty 's letter said the trial was to be 10/4/04 and to make sure we were available for that date.
9/28/04:  I called Mr. O'Doherty to see if there was any chance of settling out of court and some other questions. He answered my questions. I told him, "See you Monday." It was at that point he told me the trial had been postponed to 11/1/04!!!!  What kind of attorney doesn't tell his client that the trial date has been postponed?  I found out later that he was the one who postponed it!!!

9/29/04: I sent a letter to Mr. O'Doherty stating I wanted to be notified immediately if there were any more changes in the trial date and told him to call me the Friday before the November 1st trial.  I called my son's friend, who was in the car with him at the time of the accident, just in case the attorney forgot to tell him about the postponement.  He was never ever told he might need to be at the trial in the first place!

10/29/04: Mr. O'Doherty did not call me that day as I had instructed in my 9/29/04 letter to him. I had to call his office at 2:37PM! His assistant told me that the November 1st trial date had been POSTPONED to 2/7/05!!!!!

FOR THE SECOND TIME, he postponed the trial date and didn't even bother to tell us!!!  I had even sent him a letter telling him to let me know if it was postponed.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.
1/17/05: I called to ask some questions. Mr. O'Doherty's assistant told me there was no chance of an out-of-court settlement taking place and the trial would not be postponed again.
1/31/05: (one week before trial date of 2/7/05)  I called Mr O'Doherty to ask some questions about the trial.  I was informed that they had settled out of court in spite of the fact that I had been told on 1/17/05 they could no longer settle out of court. The settlement conference was at 9:30AM that day, yet I knew nothing about it. Isn't it customary to call the client as soon as something as major as "WE SETTLED OUT OF COURT AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO COURT" takes place? I wonder when they would have called me. Also, once again, we were not consulted regarding a settlement.  I wonder if we were even going to be told.
2/3/05: I spoke with my son's friend, one of our witnesses. He had not been informed that the trial had been called off even though Mr. O'Doherty told me on 1/31/05 that he would call to let him and our other witness know the trial would not take place.  Is there any truth in the mouth of that man?
2/4/05: Mr. Doherty's assistant told me I should have copies of everything pertaining to the case in case it should be resurrected when the children came of age.  She told me she would send me the rest of the paperwork.  She never did.

11/28/06: I sent a letter requesting the copies that I had been told I would receive.
12/6/06: Mr. O'Doherty responded to my request with this: "this file is closed and has been sent to storage." He said I would have to contact the county clerk and have them retrieve the documents!  He ended with, "Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that this addresses your request."

Like I said, there were many more things that Mr. O'Doherty did wrong, but I only gave you the bigger ones.

I filed a complaint with the California State Bar Association.  They wouldn't accept my complaint because they said my insurance company was the actual client of Mr. O'Doherty.  I sent a letter to my insurance company (State Farm) informing them of how shabbily I had been treated in hopes they wouldn't foist Mr. O'Doherty on any of their other unfortunate clients.  I got a response from someone at State Farm but I don't know if they are still using him.  If they are then shame on them!  They are torturing more of their clients with Mr. Communication Problems.

If you are contemplating hiring him I'd suggest you only do so if you don't care about being notified of major developments in your case, if you enjoy being lied to by your own attorney, if you don't care about getting important documents, and if you are willing to sit around and wait while he helps his incapable wife change her tire.

Edward A. Graham, Jr.
531 E Chapman Ave #E, Orange, CA, 92866

Lied to me and apparently decided my case was not his cup of tea so he ignored my continuing calls instead of having the courage to tell me.  Then he lied to someone else about what he supposedly told me.

I went to speak to this gentleman in 2006.  He agreed to read over the information I gave him and I was to gather a little more information and call him back.  He even sent me a letter with some information.  The letter said he was awaiting my decision on what to do next.

I tried to call his office fourteen times over a period of two months.  Eight of those times the phone was busy.  Six of those times I left a message with his secretary for him to call me back.

She kept telling me he wasn't in the office or he was in court.  One time she told me he tried to call me and couldn't reach me.  I'm not sure how he tried to reach me, but it wasn't by phone!

I found out that he had told the person who gave me his name as a referral that I was BOTHERING him with my phone calls and that he had told me he rejected my case.  He never indicated to me that he wasn't interested in helping me.

It would have been a simple thing for him to call me and tell me he changed his mind.  He could have even told his secretary to call me, but he apparently didn't.  His lack of communication put a two month delay on my being able to find another attorney.

I filed a complaint with the California State Bar Association.  They scheduled a hearing with a mediator.  Mr. Graham had to pay $350.00 for the mediation.  The mediation was to be held in Los Angeles.  They said they couldn't find a mediator closer than that.  Yeah, right.

It was too difficult for me to get into Los Angeles, so I cancelled the mediation.  Mr. Graham still had to pay the money, so maybe he learned that it is cheaper to make a phone call than to ignore people.

Patricia J. Grace
1912 N Broadway #200, Santa Ana, CA, 92706

Gave me false information and apparently doesn't know anything about elder assistance and seemingly isn't aware that she doesn't know!

When I spoke with Ms. Grace she seemed to not understand what rights I had or what I could do.  She was going to do some research prior to meeting with me again.  She kept referring to "custody" and I kept correcting her and saying "conservatorship".  She tried handing me some reading materials but they were about children and not the elderly.

She referred me to a class I could take at the local courthouse but didn't have the phone number.  I called the courthouse and there was no such class.  I called Ms. Grace's office back to get the phone number for the class.  The receptionist said she would call me back but she didn't.  I called a second time a week later.  The woman I spoke with didn't know what I was talking about.  She thought I had called a wrong number!  She didn't see what the conservatorship class had to do with family law.  She took my number and transferred me to the receptionist's, voicemail.  I left a message and was never called back.

I believe she was outside her area of expertise and wasn't willing to admit it.  Since she never got back to me I guess she decided against trying to help me.  Once again, what is wrong with telling someone that you are not interested in handling their case???

Are You a Victim, Too?

I live in California and their Bar Association accepts complaints and also provides a list of attorneys with any disciplinary actions.

I filed a complaint against Mr. Graham and he had to pay $350 to set up an arbitration.  The bad thing is I had to drive to downtown Los Angeles for that arbitration.  Plus, I wasn't at all interested in "settling our differences" since he was a liar.  So I checked to make sure he wouldn't get his $350 back and I told the bar that they could cancel the arbitration.

State Bar of California
Directory of Lawyer Disciplinary Agencies
American Bar Association
Suggestions:  Document all phone calls and conversations.  Write down names, dates, and times.  Keep track of everything.


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