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April 9, 2003

Well, I'm back from my trip. I got to meet my Internet prayer partner/friend! What a thrill!! I knew her on the inside and now I know her on the outside as well. It was such a strange experience hearing things coming out of her mouth that, in the past, I've read from her emails. It was like we had known each other for a long time but the face was unfamiliar. Ahh, this technology today is creating a whole new way of doing things.

God was so good, allowing us to meet. When she and I were praising Him together I was thanking Him for the opportunity and He pointed out that all I had to do was ask. He wants to bless us and we forget to ask. My my my, aren't we silly?

This week is spring break from school and my husband, a teacher, is working on building a giant RV cover in our back yard. We have a 1981 ski boat that sits in the sun year in and year out. Finally we are going to protect it. Plus he is putting in a storage area for the lawnmower and other yard equipment. Yay!

Since it is so big I decided I wanted to make it interesting looking. I'm having them decorate the front to look like a western town.

When I came home on Sunday I found my husband and sons painting the plywood panels. I also found paint in my sink, on my counter, and all over the patio and patio table. Sigh. I should have come home a day earlier. I'm normally the painter around here.

So, it will be busy around here this week. I've got lots of other stuff to do, too. You just can't leave three men alone for a week and expect things to look good when you come home. I have a bit of catching up to do, like getting this online before the end of the week!

Beware of satan's tactic of dividing and conquering. Over and over I see churches split up or almost split up because of people having two different opinions about something. It is OK to have an opinion about something, but whose church is it? God is the deciding factor on anything, no matter how seemingly small. If your church leadership puts a vote to the people, ask them if God was invited to vote.

Link to the 4/9/03 Bible study.
April 15, 2003

Yowzer, I'm all worn out! I've been helping put together our giant RV cover. I'll have to modify my wifely job description and remove any references to construction worker.

It sure is big. We are making it big so whenever we sell the house the cover will be able to house a large motor home and it will be a good selling point. In the meantime it will probably only shelter our boat and camping equipment. I'm planning on leaving our camper on my truck so we can escape for a day whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Fortunately for my body it rained yesterday. So, work has been postponed until tomorrow! Yippee!! I started cleaning house yesterday and need to do more of that kind of work today. Plus, I wasn't able to go to the grocery store yesterday. When it rains giant drops come off the top of the camper and crawl down my neck. I didn't feel like loading a bunch of groceries in the back seat and getting my back side soaked.

My hands need the recovery time. They were getting sore from hammering, carrying wood, and other abusive types of behavior that goes along with building. I was having a hard time hanging on to the vacuum cleaner handle yesterday.

Oops. I almost forgot to tie balloons to my son's doorknob. It's his birthday today. Birthdays and holidays sure are different now that my sons have grown up. I miss seeing things through the eyes of a child. Everything used to be so exciting for them. Now I have to watch to see how they react and find out what they want to do. It sure is different.

I've had the weirdest things happening on my computer lately. While I was at my in-laws' house my son called because the computer was doing some strange things. When I got home many of the programs acted like I'd never used them before. A lot of the preferences were back to the original just-installed preferences. Right now I'm having to reinstall my greeting card program. The files were still on my computer, but it acted like it had never been installed before. Computers sure can do some strange things!

My poor brain is somewhat discombooberated. LOL! All these years I've used that word and my spell checker just informed me that it is discombobulated.

My mind keeps jumping around trying to think of all the things I want to get done today. I finally got to the grocery store and Wal Mart. I was running out of things because I hadn't been for a few weeks. Well, I will finish the Bible study and get busy.
Link to the 4/15/03 Bible study.
April 23, 2003

I finally got out of being the construction helper. My back started to hurt the other day so I've been only doing light work. My sons are now helping when my husband is at work.

It's really coming along. Today they are working on the roof again. Sunday I moved my husband's junk into the shed end of it. Our friend reminded me that one man's junk is another man's treasure. I told him that my husband's junk is.... junk! LOL!

Last night I got to climb onto the roof myself. Oh, my, what an interesting view from up there. I could really spy on my neighbors if I wanted. ;-)

Since our friend has been coming early in the morning to work on our barn (it's really an RV cover but I think we will use it more like a barn so that is what I am going to call it) it has messed up my schedule. I have to get things done earlier that normally would wait until later. Then, while he is here, I keep one ear tuned to what they are doing out there in case they need something.

I'll be glad when it is done. I'll be especially glad because it will mean I will be done painting the front side of it. It is 14' tall and I will have to climb up and down a squirrelly ladder over and over and over! Ugh. I'm not good on tall ladders. I am not looking forward to that job which is coming up soon.

I just sent the most interesting Word out on my mailing list. It is about hospitality. God is giving some people the urge to get their homes clean, tidy, and comfortable so they can minister to guests in their homes. It ministered to me immediately. I've been cleaning and rearranging and looking at things in my house and yard with an extremely critical eye lately. I couldn't figure out what was driving me. Now I know.

God is giving us the urge to prepare our homes so we can minister from them.  Our homes are to be comfortable, welcoming places for anyone that enters.  The more comfortable they feel the more open their minds will be to what God gives us to share with them.

I read an article in the paper Tuesday about spam. AOL took some spammers to court. I presently have AOL and am totally frustrated by the volume of spam that comes through. AOL doesn't provide us with any filters that we can use on our own other than blocking a specific address, and then only up to a certain number.

A spammer was quoted as criticizing the people who want to sue spammers. She wanted to know what was wrong with just using the delete button and asked, "How much time can it take?" It takes me a long time to delete my junk mail. The unidentifiable ones I have to open to see if it is mail from my website or from someone or a company I know.

I take the time to send the spam AOL so they can work on blocking it. I don't like spam any more than I like junk mail in my mailbox. Every day I get mail from a credit card company trying to get me to sign up for their credit card. Plus I get tons of other stuff.

To give you an example of how junk mail multiplies: my son got engaged in 1993 and he and she applied for credit to buy the engagement ring. The bill came in her name. They broke up and that bill from a department store was the only thing in her name with our address. She is still getting junk mail here because that department store sold her name to places that sold her name.....

My oldest son's name was somehow sold to a pregnant women's list way back when he was in high school. He got junk mail for pregnant women for a long time. Now it has somehow mutated into home schooling. Apparently the child he "birthed" in 1989 is being home schooled. Oh, and apparently he has purchased a home because he gets mortgage information as well. He has not lived here for a long time.

When I get junk mail that has a pre-stamped envelope I toss it in a pile. Every once in a while when I sit down to rest a few minutes I open it all, tear off any references to our name and address and stuff all the junk into those envelopes until they are bulging and take them to the post office. They have to pay for the regular postage plus additional postage for the pre-stamped option. I'm hoping that other people have thought of the same thing and those companies will discontinue sending out junk mail.
I'm trying to think of why this didn't get online yesterday. Oh, yes, everything froze up and I had to reboot. I never came back to the computer because I got busy doing other things. By the time I remembered I hadn't finished it then it was bedtime! I'm sorry. Do you forgive me? Before you say, "No," you better go read the Bible study! Tee hee!
Link to the 4/23/03 Bible study.

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