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4/11/16 April 11 2016
April 11, 2016

Here, in Southern California, we were told that there was a 100% chance of El Niño dumping tons of rain on us.  It hasn't happened yet!  Last week our temperatures were climbing up past 90°F!

I made my husband put in rain gutters across the front and back in anticipation of having multiple days of rain.  The good news is that I've wanted rain gutters since we moved here in 1985.  The threat of El Niño assisted me in getting them.

I'm not done working on organizing the garage, barn, and shed.  It is much easier to do when the weather is cool.  Over the years we have stored things for family members and that caused us to not be able to put our own things away where we would like to have them.  Plus, there are things we no longer need and can now sell or toss.

I need a couple more weeks of nice cool weather and the energy it takes to get them done.  I hope my energy levels go up when the temperature goes down!!!

We became a city in 2012.  The day we incorporated was the day that our governor yanked the funding for new cities making us in the red on day one.  I had voted against cityhood because I had a bad feeling that it would be bad for us.  Sure enough, one of the things I feared is taking place.

Our illustrious city council is allowing building homes to get out of control.  They've already passed a law to change the zoning on half acre lots to allow a second, permanent, home to be built.

A golf course that is right across a main road from our tract of homes is selling to a developer who is planning to build over 600 dwelling units, including two-story condominiums and small lot houses!  Plus there will be about 70,000 square feet of retail!

The main road is already overburdened.  It's not a good thing at all!  For the first time since we moved here in 1985 I want to move.  I always thought I would stay here forever, but I am not interested in living in an overcrowded city!  Next week is a town hall meeting.  I'm going to go voice my opinion even though our city council has proven over and over to vote for what they want and not what the people want.  Sad!!  A little power does bad things to people.
I thought that, when my husband retired and my children had moved out, things would slow down for me.  For some reason I am busy every single day.  The house still gets dirty and laundry piles up.  I am spending more time helping at the cat shelter, but that is probably only 12 hours a week.

Random things keep popping up.  Here are a few of the long list of things I have yet to do:
Scan all my mother-in-law's photos (there are a lot of them!) to disc.
Sell her collectibles on eBay or Craig's list.
Sew western reenactment clothes for my son and husband.
Start working on making Christmas presents.
Scan tons of papers in the filing cabinet so I can get rid of it.
Revise a book I wrote so I can get it published.

Last week my youngest son's fiancé had emergency surgery.  I spent time at the hospital with her.  Thank God she is OK!  She had been complaining of pain and severe nausea for years.  Finally they figured out her gall bladder was full of stones and dying.  It was a miracle it didn't burst and kill her!!
I know that the enemy has been trying to rattle my cage for a long time.  He has been throwing things at me, like the things on the list, trying to keep my mind off of God.  He has messed with my family and friends as well.  What can I do?

I can fight.  I must get up earlier in the morning and spend my first waking time with God.  That will help me don my spiritual armor.  (Eph 6:13-17)

I must pick the things that I do and not let circumstances pick them for me. 

That's a start.
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