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August 2004
(Yup, there's only one.  It was a crazy month for me!)

8/11/04 August 11, 2004

August 11, 2004

I'm sorry I didn't get to update this last week.  I started working on it and just wasn't able to finish it.  I just plain ran out of time and energy.  I was getting things ready to go on vacation.  It wasn't just packing, either.  I was making sure I made provision for my sons, who would only be able to join us on the weekends, and our animals, who were staying home.

We hadn't been able to go camping to the Colorado River since 2000 and we had never been there in our camper.  So, I was having to re-think the entire process.  It gets mighty warm and I had to figure out how to keep things cooler.  I made a new mat for outside the door out of shade cloth and some sun-blocking shades for the awning.

I'll take a break here to tell you about what shade cloth can do.  First of all, I found some at Home Depot for only $1.86 a foot for 6' width.  It comes in different colors.  I thought it only came in dark colors.  I got some beige with white and black pin stripes.  It is nice.  I made a 6' by 6' mat and sewed loops out of nylon twine to tack it to the ground in case of wind (which we get some really strong ones at the river).  I made some smaller tarps to hang on the awning outside our door to block the morning sun.  I made a big one that hangs on our side awning.  That stuff is GREAT!  You don't even have to sew the cut sides, you can burn them to keep them from raveling.  Sewing makes it stronger, though.  It all folds up smaller than tarps or rugs and is lightweight.  It is easy to wash and dries quickly.  You can see through it to a certain degree unless the sun is shining directly on it.  Enough about shadecloth!

OK, so where was I when I got so fired up about shadecloth?  Oh, yes, telling you how busy I was.  Well, I was busy.  'Nuff said.

So, now to the cool part.  I'm in my camper and writing to you!  This campground has WIRELESS INTERNET!  Is that way cool or what?  I bought a little receiver from Radio Shack and paid for a week of Internet.  I had quite a bit of trouble the first couple of days but everything is fine now.

Here's a picture of my sons.  The straw hat was floating in the river and my son grabbed it and wore it.  Too funny with seaweed hanging off of it!
Boys at river
They came for the weekend and have gone home now.  Things are quiet now that the weekend is over.  There are a lot of crazy people in this world.  I think that some think that they can behave badly while they are on vacation.  Or maybe their brains went on vacation with their bodies.

My husband will be coming to get me soon so I might have to finish this up later.  There he is.  I'm going to go join him.  See you in a bit!

I had to disable my guestbook temporarily.  The free program that came with my web hosting wasn't safe from evil people.  People are spamming guestbooks.  I guess some just want to see how many guestbooks they can sign.  Others put links to porno sites.  I kept checking as often as I could and would usually have to delete at least one entry each time. 

When I went to check the other day I found a HUGE nasty porno picture.  Somehow they bypassed the controls that don't allow html and put it on my guestbook.  Oh, I sure hope nobody else went there to see it!!

So, I contacted my web host and they can't, or won't, fix it.  I disabled it and am checking into programs that will allow me to do my own.  I want to approve all posts before they go online.  I'm hoping I can find a program that I will be able to use.

How awful awful awful people can be! 

Well, this will be a shorter than usual welcome message.  I keep getting interrupted and want to spend some time on the Bible study before I get interrupted again.  See you when I get home!!

Link to the 8/11/04 Bible study.

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