Words from God

Army of One?
Submitted by Kay Meyerett
"You are not an army of one."
The Lord then gave me a vision of a large room, similar to a convention hall or warehouse. I was sitting in a chair and there were other people sitting in chairs. There were very few people altogether and they were scattered about the room. I got the feeling that the room should have been full of rows of chairs with people in them. Perhaps the room was filled to about 2% of its capacity.
The people in the chairs were ready and waiting. One by one they were getting up as they were told. God was calling them to give or do their small portion in the Kingdom of God. God knew where each piece was to fit and called them out accordingly to do their portion.
These were people who had been preparing and learning. They were waiting God's direction on what to do in the Kingdom of God.
There was another room of similar size next to the first one. It was full of people in motion. They were very busy and very no