Words from God

Abide in the Heavenlies
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"There are things I want you to be doing. I want you to be anxious for nothing. Reveal My heart, My mind. Walk in My Truth. Reveal Me in your steps, steps of righteousness, steps of manifestation of My love. Take My hand, I will never leave you or forsake you."
"Be receptive to My urgings. Be what I have made you for. Don't walk as they walk. Don't talk as they talk. Be apart. Come FROM Me. [Here I got a picture of me in the clouds facing away from God. It was like I was between Him and earth.] Be drawn to Me. Position yourself near Me. Open up and let Me flow. Abide in the heavenlies."
[I told Him that, as He knew, I needed help in abiding in the heavenlies. I needed to know how.] "Be risen in praise. Fill your mouth. Rise in praise. Step on the Word. Be lifted. Climb from praise to praise, from Word to Word." [Here I imagined myself climbing upwards from cloud to cloud.]

"Release My Word. Share. I will draw them. You share what I