Jewish Holiday Calendar

Rosh Hashanah -- Feast
Tzom Gedalia -- Fast
Yom Kippur -- More fasting
Sukkot -- Feast
Hoshanah Rabbah -- More feasting
Simchat Torah -- Keep feasting
Month of Heshvan-No feasts or fasts for a whole month. Get a grip on yourself.
Hanukkah -- Eat potato pancakes
Tenth of Tevet -- Do not eat potato pancakes
Tu B'Shevat -- Feast
Fast of Esther -- Fast
Purim -- Eat pastry
Passover -- Do not eat pastry
Shavuot -- Dairy feast (cheesecake, blintzes etc.)
Seventeenth of Tammuz-Fast (definitely no cheesecake or blintzes)
Nine days of Av -- Don't eat meat.  Might be OK to eat cheescake or blintzes.
Tish B'Av -- Very strict fast (don't even think about cheesecake or blintzes)
Month of Elul -- End of cycle.

Enroll in Center for Eating Disorders before High Holidays arrive again.


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Written by Billye Jeane Mercer


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