Butchers & Shepherds
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A tour guide was leading his party in Israel when they came upon a shepherd driving his sheep forward from behind.

The guide found this odd, since most shepherds in the Middle East lead their sheep from ahead.
Man driving sheep
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He asked the shepherd, "How is it that you are driving these sheep? I have always been told that the shepherd here leads his sheep."

 The man replied, "The shepherd does lead his sheep.
 The butcher drives and I am the butcher!
Which would best describes your life...led or driven? Do you find yourself being more lead in your day to day life...or driven?

Are you leading a 'driven' life? Driven to be somebody, driven to make ends meet, driven to make something of yourself?
Sheep driven into a pen
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If you are driven, then you are not listening to the voice of the Shepherd. You're listening to the voice of the butcher, who drives by planting fear and darkness.
Stop fearing, instead be led by your loving Savior!  The Lord is your Shepherd!
He won't drive you.  He'll lead you.
Just follow and he will lead you...beside the still waters.
Shalom and blessing
Billye Jeane
Deer photo by Sue Woosley

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