Torah Scroll
What is a Torah Scroll?

It is the first five books of the Bible.

Torah means, "to point the way" and is also interchangeable with the word, "law."

It is written on a lamb's hide. It is of one piece because it has been tied, glued, and rolled together on two pieces of wood. The pieces of wood are called trees, trees of life.

The scroll is wrapped in a belt with a fitted cloth over it all called a mantle. Usually there are Hebraic words embroidered on the mantle. One I read said, "Torar ADONAI Tmima" which translates to, "GOD's Word is innocent."

It then has a shield that goes over it, hung over the top of the two "trees." On top of the two trees, which stick out of the mantel, is a crown.

Now let us compare the Torah to.............

Jesus' name in Hebrew is Yeshua. In scripture He is called the Word (as God's Word is in the Torah.)

The Word is written on the skin of a lamb....... the Lamb of God!

Jesus' flock is tied to Him, glued tight to His grace, protected under His wings as the Torah is fastened to the wood.

The Torah Word is hung between the trees, as Jesus hung on trees that were fashioned into a cross.

The Torah "trees" are called the trees of life. Jesus is the Tree of Life for us! He was checked for guilt but was found INNOCENT!

The scroll is then dressed as a priest, with a belt, a mantle, and a shield. Jesus is our High Priest.

Then on top of the Torah's trees is placed a crown. On the cross, above Jesus' head, was placed a sign that said, The KING of the Jews." A crown is symbolic of a king. Jesus is going to return some day as the King of Judah. He will be the King of all, Gentiles and Jews alike.

But what is even more amazing is that the Torah scroll I have described to you has been copied over the centuries and is still just as the original was. If a mistake was made while copying then the copy was thrown away. It HAD to be perfect! This is another picture of Jesus, our PERFECT Savior!

The Jews dance with the Torah on one of their holidays. I danced with one once. As I touched it I imagined that I was dancing with HIM for in my arms was a perfect example of HIM! "Pointing the way" is that Torah Scroll.

Kathleen Steele

Yad, used as a pointer when reading a Torah

Torah Pictures

Rabbi hugging Torah rabbi with Torah

RAbbi with Torah

Woman holding Torah

rAbbi reading Torah

Two Torahs

Two Torahs

Description of Torah parts

Sample of Torah page

Sample of modern Torah (read right to left)

Torah crown

Modern 20th century gesture to the traditional 19th century east European style. The holy animals are holding both the Torah crown construction and ten bells symbolizing the ten commandments. The two tubes holding the Trees of Life can be adjusted for different sizes and widths of Torah scrolls.
(Note:  this particular crown is on sale if you are interested:  Sterling Silver, 12" x 12" x 16"  Only $9,500!)

Torah mantle

 Torah Mantle from the latter half of the seventeenth century from the Spanish/Portuguese Sephardic synagogue in Amsterdam.

Torah crown

Modern Torah Crown

Torah crown

Modern Torah Crowns

In His service, bj

Written by Billye Jeane Mercer

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