The Voice from the Whirlpool
 Washing machine
Among our many job descriptions in life, most women fall under the category of 'Domestic Engineer.'  For any who are not familiar with the term, it means housewife or as I prefer to call it,
“Miss Suzy Homemaker.”
Apples and pies
Well, I decided that today I must be "Miss Suzy." Most of the time I will lie down till that feeling passes, but there does come a time when you've got to do what you've got to do, especially when you run out of clean towels or paper plates! You know what I mean?
So, I’m doing the “Whistle While you Work”… sorting clothes, washing, and drying routine. I started transferring clothes from the washing machine into the dryer. You know how you bend over and hold onto the washing machine with one hand, as you’re throwing clothes into the dryer, because they are side by side?
Woman putting laundry in clothes dryer
  By now you have a mental picture of  me, “Miss Suzy Homemaker of the Year," right?  Well, in a split second my world of “Whistle While you Work’ became “Swing Low!" The lid of the washing machine smashed down on my finger. I say finger, singular, because I was fast enough to move my hand, so that it only caught my middle finger. Keep in mind that this was a washing machine lid, not very heavy. Thank God! Because, had it been anything like a car door, you probably would have had to bury me!
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 Of course, being the mature woman of God that I am, able to handle anything... I started bellowing like a fat cat that got it's tail smashed under Grandma’s rocker. Go ahead and laugh yourself silly, I know you’ve been there, too! And you also know that if you are not prayed up, some not so nice words can come out of your mouth.
Someone zipping their mouth closed with a zipper
 Thank God, I was prayed up.
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Now, I was hollering and really crying because this really did hurt like all get out! I went to my prayer quilt, which is in my bedroom on the floor at all times, except when I vacuum. That sentence is misleading, because it sounds like I casually strolled across the floor and got down on my knees and started praying.
Dancing mouse
In reality I was dancing and shaking my hand
and hollering, “Jesus it hurts, help me!” 
 (Like you would have done better … right?)
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So, I was on the floor talking to God…
“God, this is not supposed to happen to a child of God, which I am…. remember? And You are supposed to give Your angels charge over me to keep me in ALL my ways, lest I dash my foot against a stone or smash my finger. So what happened?” I was crying out... in real pain.  Then the pain subsided and I heard that small still voice, that I know so well, speak to me.
Woman sitting on the floor and praying
"You know there are people right now that are suffering far greater pain than you are in. You have Christian brothers and sisters, all over this world, being tortured and killed for the name of Jesus. There are children in this world, this country, your state, and your town that are starving, being abused, being mistreated, and murdered. What about their pain? Your pain will go away, theirs won’t. Pray for those in pain… pray."
A woman and child praying
Oh how I wept and prayed for all those who are suffering for the "cause," and the little ones who are just suffering. "God help them, please take the pain away. Make it right, do something for them please.  God be merciful, be merciful."
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Isn’t it strange how God can take an incident like the smashing of one’s finger, to remind us of the pains, wants, and needs of others? I sometimes forget how wonderfully blessed I am, being a child of God, and living under the shadow of the Almighty. I believe that God allows things like this to happen to get us out of our comfort zone and into the reality of this lost and hurting world.
The earth
 I pray that you can hear the ‘small still voice’ calling you to pray for others in pain, without having to get your attention with a washing machine. Pray and ask God to make you more sensitive to the needs of those around you and around the world.
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In His Love
Billye Jeane

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