Each and Every Day
Each and every day is a new thing that we must face. We battle with emotions that we sometimes don't understand, battle with physical things that make us wonder and make us struggle, and yet we learn new and exciting things.

We must battle for a better life. It's not just going to be handed to us. We must engage in battle and stand up to all our enemies so we can overcome and not be overcome. Because, indeed, if we don't fight back our enemies will bully us.

There is also a constant battle in our minds. Some things in life are just hard to understand. No matter how hard we try, if we don't battle the right way, we will lose. That, ultimately, is not the goal.

We shouldn't let ourselves be pushed around. Indeed, we must have strength in our resolve and balance things we need with the things we don't. We must let go of things that hold us back or else be held back.

Why live a life to where we are defeated as the onslaught continues? Stand up, but not for yourself. Stand up for Jesus. Keep your hope in Him because, at the end of the day, He IS our Hope. Keep your strength in Him, let Him be your strength. There will be no more facing battles that we aren't victorious over.

You must understand that being held back is something that we aren't meant to do, ever! True peace only comes when you realize that the battle isn't yours. So, choose to battle a different way. Stand, but not for yourself.

We have family and friends who are suffering from things we've already overcome. Know this: you didn't overcome by yourself. Know this: God helps. The whole saying "God helps those that help themselves" is nowhere in the bible.

We need a Savior and that Savior is Jesus. Choose to fight a battle that is based upon warring against the flesh and worldly things. Stay strong. Read the Word. Let it become part of you.

By Anthony Reagan

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