Observing Help

It's amazing how we change each others lives, the difference we can make. Little words that seem to go unnoticed, but don't is evidence of how we effect people.

It could be our personality, shaping and helping theirs, things we don't even notice.

When you show love to a person that person shows love to someone else and before you know it, everybody that comes into contact is different.

This is why it's vital for relationships. This is why it's important to partake in others' lives.

Be an inspiration to those that have need. Help those that need. Share and allow yourself to be shared with. Love and be loved. Show compassion tempered with empathy. Help effect everyone.

Life becomes more important as we have a new purpose. Love is something that conquers all!

Love gives strength, encouragement, and hope. Love is valuable and effects everyone involved.

By Anthony Reagan

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