Works Better if We Work Together

Do we ever think of the impact that we have on people every day? What is the image of us they are seeing?
The things that we think are unnoticed, everyone sees.
The things we think everyone knows they may not know.

The goal is to let people first know Who you love and
then let them know that you love them. You do this by showing love to them. It will be that light in a world grasping for hope. It will be that strength in a place where people are hurting.

I never knew just how far a smile will go to brighten someone's day. What I'm telling you doesn't take the place of the gospel, but is contained in it.

Good news makes you smile, makes you rejoice,
makes you love like never before, and makes you believe like never before.

Reaching out with love!! Love is the thing the whole world searches for.

We sometimes go to great lengths to get love and acceptance, not knowing that the striving is unnecessary because our Lord Jesus loves us. Because He loves us, it helps us love others.

Simple actions such as opening the door for someone or greeting them with a smile makes a difference. Then we can move into the deeper things such as helping them bear a burden by praying for them or
being that listening ear for someone to pour their hearts out into.

The Lord made it so we need Him and we need each other. Loving people into the Kingdom helps us understand just how much we are loved. When the Lord uses us to reach
out to someone, perhaps someone who is addicted to drugs and who everyone says there's no hope for, the Lord can use us to reach them.

 This world is just for self.  However love is for someone else. The day we receive Christ for ourselves is the day we can begin helping love others unto Christ.

Everything works better if we work together!!!!

By Anthony Reagan

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