Flying Eagle

Combine the Word with prayer and spend time bathing in what God reveals. That's a devotion.
The devotionals were designed with the Calligrapher font.  You can download it here.

Devotional Index

3 John

Truth and Love
Without these we have nothing
Patty Mitchell


I Am the Answer
God is all we need
Debbie Larkin
Philippians 4 Unity With God
Having our focus on God at all times
Pat Chappel
Various Reflection of His Glory
Reflecting God in our lives
Patty Mitchell
Ephesians 5:17 God's Will
Surrendering our will to God
Springs in the Valley
Psalm 27 Keep Thy Face Toward the Sunrise
God will sustain us
Come Away My Beloved
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Flying E
agle photo by Sue Woosely