Donald Eilers


What does Papa [God] mean by Death of Self? Ever since Iíve been led by Papa to start writing, itís been mainly about Death of Self, and many times Iíve been asked what that phrase means. What I write now is what He has shown me.

This life is not about me; itís all about Him. Life is about what I can do to glorify Him. Itís giving all of my will to Him, and putting His will in its place. I need to put Him first above all things, no matter how much I hurt, or suffer, or give up. I have become His servant that I might glorify Him in everything I do.

When I became His and I chose Christ as my Lord and Savior, I asked Christ to come live in me. I chose to give up my will for His. It became a position of no longer me that lived, but Him who lived in me.

He has taught me that itís no longer my emotions that rule this (His) temple, but His that rules. The anger, lust, envy, pride, voice, and everything else must become controlled by Him. It can no longer be me saying ďOh well, Iím His and He understands so Iíll live and repent and go on.Ē

If I choose to be His son and servant, then I must die to self not just daily, but every hour, minute, and second. This is what He has taught me of death of self.

He has become my Father (creator), Master, Savior (Jesus Christ), and my Holy Spirit (my guide and counselor), and I worship all three persons of the God Head as one. There is no better hope for me then to die to self so I may live with Him.

With Love in Christ, Don

In response to why I call God "Papa"


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