Flower The Garden

I, the Gardner, have planted myself a garden.
I have walled it up and provided irrigation.
I protect it from harmful and arid winds.

You are trees that I have planted; it is my desire that you bear me much fruit. To that end, you are placed in my garden where the water, sunlight and soil are specific to the needs of your fullest growth. As you grow I will prune your branches and thin developing fruit. You need do nothing I have done all. It is my will that your fruit ripen. When fully ripe its taste will explode on the taste buds of those who I invite to sample it.

You do not wave your limbs or branches to attract the attention of passers-by. You are trees. I will invite and conduct my friends to you that they might taste, know and experience the fruit that I, the gardener, have produced. And as they bite, breaking the skin, the aroma will ascend and the juices will flood and they will know my goodness. Yes they may not be gentle when pulling the fruit, but I will bind and heal -- I will that you produce even more fruit.

I AM the Gardener.

Song of Solomon 4:11-16; 5:1
John 15:1-16
Psalm 34:8

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