Behind Every Great Man is a True Woman

I had a thought this last weekend, well two actually (Which makes for quite an intellectually charged 24 hours, Iíll tell ya!)

Well hereís Thought 1:

At a Saturday morning men's prayer time we were discussing the difference between condemnation and conviction. We ended up in Genesis 3 following Adam and Eve's sin. I realized that being a video-minded person, I saw the whole "Garden Lost" thing as a series of scenes or vignettes.

Scene 1:  Adam and Eve romping in garden ending under tree of Knowledge.
Scene 2:  Eve glancing wistfully at the fruit.
Scene 3:  Satan slithers sinuously down the branch to near Eve's ear and begins to whisper back her own thoughts.
Scene 4:  The choice and the bite, clouds threatening, lightning exploding, Satan slinks away hissing gleefully.
Scene 5:  Adam and Eve hiding, seeking protection from elements and each other.
Scene 6:  God searching Adam and Eve out and their attempt to hide/avoid Him and then blaming others for their actions.
Scene 7:  God pronounces consequences: banishment, toil, future destruction for Satan.

Now there is no scripture for this, but I had the thought that, at the end of Scene 4, Satan didn't slink away but, following their sin, continued to plague Adam and Eve with condemnation. Hence, they manifested unreasonable and irrational fear and terror of God when he sought and found them.

My basis for this is four-fold:
1. Personal experience--Satan has done it to me
2. Jesus' temptation
3. Adam and Eveís reactions to a God from whom they'd experienced only love and Satan was right there when God pronounced consequences.
4. I had always wondered at the speed of their change of heart. I no longer wonder. De Devil made Ďem do it!

OK. Here's the Thought 2:

 I have to lay some groundwork before the idea will have substance for you.

Our pastor is teaching in Ephesians and had, after much foot dragging, come to Ephesians 5:22. Yes, the dreaded "submit!" passage. ("Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.") Well, I must say here that I was fully impressed with the job he did. First off, he linked together verses 22 and 30 as both are instructions to the wife. ("Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.")  Secondly, he enlivened the "respect" aspect by showing that, much like an appraisal on the "Antiques Road Show", where the ugly, faded, chipped item your great-great passed on thorough succeeding generations was, in fact, a unique, one-of-a-kind creation of a well known and highly valued master, making it valued at an indecently ginormous amount of money.

Suddenly that which had been shunted to the farthest back and darkest corner of a little-used cabinet now had tremendous value and would leave the appraisal hall cradled in caring hands to be displayed with great honor in a prominent place upon returning home solely because an expert placed value on it.

Our pastor went on to draw the analogy that God, the great Creation-Master, had made this man uniquely for you, oh wife. He is a true one-of-a-kind. The value the man has is based, not in his intrinsic value, but rather in two facts:  the Master created him thus, specifically for you, and has pronounced him of great worth.

Secondly, God gave you women the amazing ability to create in the man the image God sees. Our Father gave you, daughters of Eve, the wonderful ability to create with your words and submissive attitude. This man would give up, sell, and/or barter everything he gets from the professional world for that kind of affirming creative input from you. No longer the slob, but the Super Man!

It was then that I had a simple thought. This is WHY God made woman a verbal creature. Just as He spoke and the worlds existed, any daughter of Eve has that same ability with her words. The fate of worlds and marriages hang on how she uses that ability. For it is true that behind every great man is a true woman.

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