Please Come
2/15/03  Darcia Sharp

In Ancient days You have spoken and gave warning
Unto Your creation, that they hear and obey.
For the obedient You promise blessing
For the disobedient You promise destruction.
In Your loving kindness and desire for Your own
You sent Your prophets to speak by Your Spirit
But they would not.
Your Mercy You extended and called again.
Over and Over again You spoke that the heart must conform,
Must change, must repent, and must bend the wicked evil heart unto You
That the soul be HOLY.
You alone gave warning to repent of the evil way.
You made Yourself known, You the Creator of all.
You sent Your Word to heal them,
You called that they come INTO Your Holy Place
You sent Your SON, the Word made flesh,
To die for the remission of sin of all mankind.
You sent Salvation,
You sent the bread and wine
Your Word, Your Spirit.


 You call again today.
The call to the World hears the coming of destruction.
You call to Your Creation, You cry for them to come,
To Repent, to turn, to come and know You
For You will protect Your own who give themselves to You in heart.
You shall preserve the church You are building.
You speak loudly from all directions and we hear destruction may come.
May the people hear.  May the people see.
May the hearts turn and know You in the beauty of Your Holiness
For it is the Word that destruction shall come to those who are not CONVERTED.
Lord forgive us our sins and cleanse our wicked hearts.
You call unto Salvation the disobedient. 
You call unto the lost, "Know me."
You call unto Your people, "Take heed."
Let the hardened hearts hear Your words,
Let the righteous say so.
You shall make the knees to bow
That Your SOUND be heard.
Let the people hear.
Save Your people You call Israel.
Your church You build through the Name of Your Son, Jesus.
Let the hearts be conformed and changed.
May they run into Your bosom. 
And may You make Yourself known
That salvation come to earth.
Buildeth thy church in the hearts of Your people LORD.
Obey the VOICE of the LORD!
In Jesus' Name,

If you want to see the above in the font it was designed in here is where to download the font "Lucida Blackletter".

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