It's Not a Trial,
Just a Journey

Sometimes in our lives..... we do go through trials that make us wonder..... Not that in our hearts we don't believe..... But it's just things that keep us guessing, sometimes questioning..... And it is hard sometimes because it is "our" trial..... We are the ones that are going through it..... And no one can say to you..... "I understand what you are going through", because they themselves have not ever gone through what you are facing..... Maybe one day they will walk in your shoes..... But then and only then can they say to you..... "I understand". 

Trials are very personal.  It is a journey that must be faced alone.  No one can go through it for you.  If that were so..... then you would not learn nor profit from it.

God does have a plan, individual and unique for each and every one of us..... And sometimes we have to go through things which we don't have any control over and that we do not have an understanding of..... Part of growing as a person...... is learning from our trials and valleys..... Part of who you are as a whole also comes from this.  Part of who you are becoming..... is part of the reward..... you see it is not the trial, not the pain, nor sorrow, it is not the sickness nor the healing; it is not even the reward..... But it is the journey that the Lord has you on that is important..... 

 Listen to the direction of the Lord, for He is your guide on this journey.  He left us a road map with His Word, and He placed certain people in our paths, some whom touch our lives and other of whose life we touch.....  It is the journey that is life changing.....  So when you are going through something, please take another look..... And see it is not a trial, it is simply part of your journey.....

            --Author Vickie Bray

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