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December 2, 2009

Were you aware that you are not allowed to mail anything from your own mailbox that weighs more than 13 ounces??

I mailed a book to my son.  It weighed 14 ounces.  I put the proper postage on it and put it in my mailbox.  The next day I got it back with a sticker on it telling me that national security requires anything over 13 ounces to be mailed from a post office!

When I went to the post office I asked the clerk, "Since when?" and, "Why?"

Well, it seems that it is important for them to actually see the person mailing the package.  I asked if I could hand it to my letter carrier so they could "see" me.  Nope.  So, it isn't about seeing me, is it?  If it were, you would think I would only be able to hand it to my carrier who knows me and knows where I live.

He said they have to ask me, "Is there anything in here that is hazardous, breakable, etc.?"  So, if I was going to mail a bomb, do you think I'd say, "Yes" to their question?  Besides, if I was mailing a bomb what would be worse, blowing up one mail carrier who picked up the bomb out of my mailbox or blowing up the post office with multiple employees?

He said if I had a postage printing machine I could do it, but not with stamps.  That must be it!  It's the stamps!  There's something wrong with the stamps.

I told him that they had never notified me of the rule and he said they couldn't notify everyone.  So, the post office makes changes in how we, the customers, mail things and they don't have to tell us.  Surprise!!

I've been working on putting up my Christmas decorations.  I'm not quite sure how it happened but I have accumulated tons of decorations over the years.  Well, I suppose it's because I enjoy Christmas so much.

This year it looks like our Christmas may be on New Year's Day.  My husband and I are driving up north to help his parents finish packing and to move them down near here.  They need to move into their new place on December 29th.

We will be leaving our son here and we want to have Christmas with him and his girlfriend so that's why we are having it on New Year's.

I've had quite a few things happen this year that have put me behind schedule.  So, needless to say

LOL!  What a funny expression:  Needless to say.  That means I don't need to say.  So, that's why "needless to say" is the last thing you saw.  You already know what I was thinking, right?  LOL!

What I was going to tell you was, since we will be going up north the 20th that means I am even farther behind.  After I'm done working on this I have to put together my annual Christmas newsletter that goes out in my Christmas cards.
Speaking of expressions, that reminds me of one that I just hate to hear.  What do you think when someone says, "This is the truth," or, "I'm telling you the truth," or, "This is God's honest truth"?

The only thing I can think of is that the person who says that is usually lying to me.  If they always told the truth they'd never have to assure you that they were, all of a sudden, telling you the truth.
Last Saturday we had the worst thunderstorm we've ever had.  The lightning must have been right over us.  The rain was coming down like tigers and wolves (harder than cats and dogs).

I went out on our back patio to comfort the dogs.  I kept telling them that the thunder wouldn't hurt them.  I told them that the thunder was saying, "If you hear me then the lightning didn't kill you."  They didn't get it.
I mentioned on my "Humor Me" page a while ago that I am fond of Mighty Mouse.  When I was young I had a plain old rubber Mighty Mouse figure.  I loved that doll.  I would fly him around the yard.  I even remember laying him down for him to sleep.  His rubber eyes were wide open so I pretended they closed when I walked away.

I found one just like it on Ebay!
Mighty Mouse doll
Goofy looking, huh?  I loved that doll!  I could buy this one on Ebay for only $72.00.  Har!  The things I should have kept!  Who woulda' thunk it?
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December 15, 2009

I thought I could get this updated before things got crazy around here last week, but I didn't.  My husband's brother and nephew arrived with a trailer-load of furniture and boxes from my in-laws' house.  As I mentioned before, my in-laws are moving down closer to us.

This first load went into our garage.  My husband and I are going up there around the 20th to help them finish packing and moving.  The things that won't fit in their apartment will come to our house and we will have yard sales trying to sell it.

This morning my husband's sister, daughter, and family came out to say "Hi" and "Bye" to my brother-in-law and his son.  So, we were busy with a houseful.

I finished putting out my Christmas decorations.  I finished doing my family Christmas newsletter.  I finished signing and addressing the Christmas cards.  I finished creating the photo calendars that I give to family members each year.  I just need to print them out and wrap them or mail them.

Snow globe

This week I will be baking cookies.  Since my husband will be retiring as a teacher next June this will be the last year I have to bake lots of cookies for him to give out at school.

I used to make the same recipes over and over just switching a few each year.  Last year I found a website that has lots and lots of recipes.  It's at Mrs. Claus' Cookbook.  I got a bunch of good cookie recipes last year.  You have to be careful, though.  Read them over first.  People submit them and I've found where some have missing ingredients.
I may not be able to update this until early January.  I will try, but I'm not sure how my schedule will be.  So, if I don't "see" you until next year have a wonderful Christmas.  Be sure to remember why we celebrate.  The best gift ever given was Jesus, Himself!
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