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2/2/11 February 2, 2011
February 2, 2011

Here I am!  Did you wonder where I went?  I've been coming and going and sometimes just going.... crazy, that is.

Since my husband retired I'm still getting used to how this is working.  I end up doing things on his time schedule that I used to do on my own.

My good friend from Michigan, that I met on the internet around 13 years ago, went to Las Vegas and I drove there to visit with her.  She's the author of Time With God here at the Clarion Call. 

 I drove there, visited, brought her back here for her first trip into California, took her back to Vegas, visited some more, and drove back home.  I left home on Monday and came back home to stay on Friday.

It's amazing how it was like we could have been next door neighbors chatting.  We've only gotten together in person three times and, yet, we email back and forth and chat on IM's so much that we know all about each other.

Then my husband and I have spent three weekends at a friend's house.  My husband referees high school wrestling and had three tournaments to do in the high desert.  We spent the weekends there so my husband wouldn't have to drive back and forth.  I got to go to yard sales and visit with our friend.

The rest of the time I've been playing catch up.  (Catsup?  Ketchup?  Mayonnaise?)

The drive from our house to Las Vegas is very boring.  God has made the deserts lovely in their own way, but after driving the same route over and over it is boring and blah.  If I am tired, which I was on Monday, I don't have interesting things going by that will help keep me awake. 

I started out listening to Christian music, but switched it over to 60's music so I could sing along.  Singing keeps me wide awake.  When my friend was with me the four hour trip passed so quickly that it felt like only half an hour.
We have a new section here at the Clarion Call:  Eutychus Shares.  A gentleman has been sending me some things he has written and I believe they will bless you.  I only have one article online at this point, but more are following.

Remember, the Clarion Call is not one person.  It is whomever God calls to share with the rest of the Body of Christ.  We are occasionally in need of a graphic artist.  I can do a lot of things with my graphics program, but I can't do everything.  If you have that gift, maybe you are supposed to offer it.
I finally talked my husband into letting me get an anemometer, a wind speed gauge.  We sometimes get some mighty hard winds here.  Anyone who has lived in this part of Southern California will know them as the Santa Ana (Santana) winds.

We've had a few times when the wind did some damage.  Here's the pictures.  I got up just after 3:00AM this morning because the wind was making so much noise I couldn't sleep.  I checked the anemometer to see what the maximum speed of the wind was.  It was 98MPH!  Yikes!! 

It is still dark outside so I don't know if our trees and property are all right.  The house is still standing.  That's a good thing.
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