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6/4/06 June 4, 2006
6/4/06 June 21, 2006
June 4 , 2006

My my my my my!  Life has been an adventure around here!  If you aren't on the Clarion Call mailing list then you don't know about the excitement we've had.

Everything around here has been turned topsy turvy.  I've been trying to get things done around here and take care of Bug, my cat, as well.  The story about what happened to Bug is the long one I told you about above.  Let's see, can I put it in a nutshell if you don't have time to read about it?  You'll miss out on a lot of the details, but here goes...one nutshell coming up.

Bug has a broken leg and has been diagnosed with cystic kidney disease.  In the meantime, he is one unhappy kitty.  We are keeping him penned up and he is on a special diet he doesn't really like.  He has to wear a collar (I call it a Hoody) to keep him from licking his leg which is full of rods and pins.

He is off the pain medication now which kept him sedated so he is bored out of his mind.  He usually doesn't eat unless I hand feed him to get him kick-started.  I have to pump him full of fluids once or twice a day and he has to take potassium.

So, I've been a cat nurse.  Half or more of each day was spent taking care of Bug.  Now it is down to about a quarter of the day, but I still keep checking on him to make sure he is OK.

I've been seeing more and more evidence of termites in our house.  Once a year we would have them crawling out of our wall and flying toward the windows.  Those are subterranean termites that live in the ground under our house and in the walls.  We also have the regular ones that are in the wood in our rafters.

The end of this month we are having our house tented.  That will take care of the regular termites and any subterranean that are in the walls.  Some day, when we can afford it, we have to have the ones in the ground addressed.  They have to inject poison into the ground all around our house and down in the floors inside the house near where they were escaping.  (What?  You thought I meant addressed as in putting a mailing label on them and mailing them off?  You are silly.)

When we get tented I have to take all my houseplants out and I have a bunch of them.  I have to take my potted plants off the patios.  I have to empty my fish pond and get the fish away from the house.  I have to either bag up or take out all the food products that aren't in factory-sealed cans or jars, including medicines and anything else that goes in our mouths. 

We have to figure out a place to keep the iguana.  The dogs have to stay away from the house.

I think my husband and I will stay in the camper in the driveway with the cats.  My sons might stay in the back yard in our tent.  That will be an adventure I'm not looking forward to.

We got our new air conditioner just in time for the hot weather.  Our old one died.  We got the heater replaced as well since it was on its last legs.  We added an air filter to it that is supposed to filter out 95-98% of all pollens and dust out of the air.

Around here we have lots of dust and dirt and pollen so that will be a very good thing.  The only bad thing is how much it cost.  Adding that to the termite tenting and to Bug's medical bills.... we are going to need a financial miracle. 

Just so you can be quite sure I haven't been ignoring you, let me tell you just a few of the other things that have been happening around here.

A swarm of bees settled into the front of our barn and had to be removed.

The fridge in our camper wouldn't work so we had to have it fixed.

The pipes in the wall behind our shower broke and my husband had to cut into the outside wall to get to them.

I had to shampoo my living room carpet because poor Bug kept missing his makeshift catbox.

That's just a few of the fun things that have been happening.  I guess I should be glad that we are considered a threat to satan for him to be messing with us so much.

So, that is why it has take so long to update this.  Again.

Link to the 6/4/06 Bible study.

June 21 , 2006
I've started getting ready for our house tenting on Friday. We have termites in the house wood and in the ground under it. The tenting will take care of the ones in the wood. Later, when we have the money we will have to have the ones in the ground treated. We've spent way too much money between needing a new air conditioner, paying for Bug's vet bills, and the tenting.

I've moved all my house plants into one room so none get left behind. I've been boxing up my food items that aren't in factory-sealed cans and jars. It will be easier for me to move them into the barn than to double bag them to leave them in the house.

I emptied my big fish pond. It is under the patio which will be under the tent. I put the fish in a big bucket. I cleaned out the pond and put all the rocks and stuff back in it so all I have to do is add water when the tent comes down.

Since I have completely cleaned out some of my kitchen cupboards I've been washing the shelves off which leads to washing the doors and more. How come one project always leads to another and to another and to another...?

I need to soak the ground six inches deep twelve inches out from the house. Most of the house is surrounded by concrete, so it isn't a large stretch. We have heavy clay soil on that end of our house, though. So, I've had a soaker hose and a spray nozzle putting water down all day today and will do the same tomorrow.

My husband and I will be staying in the camper in the driveway with the cats. My husband is not happy about the cats being with us but I had no other choice.

The poor iguana will be out in the barn in a cardboard box. His habitat is too difficult to disassemble so he will have to rough it for a short time.

This is not fun. I have way too many other things on my plate. I am soooooo looking forward to going to Heaven. I hope God doesn't have hard jobs for me there!
I got a blessing this morning.  Someone I met on the 'net sent me an email telling me to smile.  God told him that I needed to smile.  He sent me a joke that made me laugh.

Then, when I responded he sent me encouragement.  God knows when we are dragging the burdens and sends help.  He really is Good, although very hard to understand!

Link to the 6/21/06 Bible study.

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