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3/9/10 March 9, 2010
March 9, 2010

Wow!  I've been putting my brain through the ringer, stretching it to its limits, and making myself crazy [well, crazier maybe].  I had some pages here at the Clarion Call that looked awful in my browser.  The background picture was gone and the background was black.

When I first looked at the page the background was there.  As I scrolled down the background disappeared and turned black.  I had some other people look at them on their computers.  Some saw the black and some didn't.

I figured it had to be something wrong in the codes.  I would cut things out to see if they were the culprit.  Sometimes it felt like I could narrow it down to a certain area, but I could never find the problem.

This was a very bad thing since I profess to be a web page designer.  I just had to figure out the problem.  Hours and hours and headaches later I finally figured it out.

The pages were too long.  The browser couldn't handle the length of the page.  When I cut them down into part one and part two then the problem went away.  Whew!!  I was starting to wonder if I was losing my mind.  It turns out I didn't lose my mind, I only misplaced it temporarily.

So, instead of updating the Bible study I've been fighting with my pages that had black backgrounds.  Isn't that typical of that stupid satan?  He knew black would look really icky and knew I'd spend time looking for the problem.  Well, take that you numbskull!  I figured it out!  HA!

I've also been very busy working on a court case in which I'm involved.  I can't share the details just yet.  It will be over soon and then I can share.

I've been drowning in paperwork as the end of the case draws near.  I've been taking care of a lot of research and stuff to try to save attorney fees.

My attorney is a cool guy.  He's the only attorney I've ever met that seems to actually be ethical.  I have a "bad stuff" section here at the Clarion Call and I will be making a "good stuff" section when my days aren't so filled with other things.

My attorney likes attorney jokes.  Here's my favorite:
What's black and brown and looks good on an attorney?

A doberman pinscher
This weekend my husband and I are going to his college/football reunion.  He saw a couple of his ex-buddies at a birthday party and they started planning a reunion.  It will be in San Diego.  My husband is really looking forward to it.  He had a lot of fun in college.

LOLOL!!  My kitten was sitting on the window sill looking out the window.  I have a prism that sticks to the window with a suction cup.  The prism let go and my kitten jumped straight up and back.  She caught herself by her front paws on the edge of the window sill.  She pulled herself back up and acted like nothing happened.  Cats are so much fun to watch!

OK, back to reunions.  I am on the reunion committee for my 40th high school reunion.  I wasn't very popular in high school so it surprises me that I'm on the committee.  I had made some suggestions to the head of the committee and POOF I was on the committee.

That's ok, it is working out so far.  I had the list of graduates that was needed.  I'm working out the details for our family picnic.
 In all the years I've been sharing with you here at the Clarion Call I've never kept anything from you that was happening in my life.  I used to look forward to "visiting" with you every week.  I'm not really enjoying it since I've had to hold things back.  I'm sorry.  Things will be better soon.
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