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October 2010

10/19/10 October 19, 2010
October 19, 2010

I didn't quite make it back in September, did I?  My court date has come and gone but the details are not yet finalized so I still can't share with you about it.

There is one thing that was brought up to me as something that was supposed to make me look bad.  Someone had perused the Clarion Call and drawn a conclusion about my relationship with the Lord.  I was told that I was perceived as not thinking for myself.  I "begin to think and God takes over".

I found that to be interesting as it was perceived as a bad thing.  If God takes over when I think then how can the results be bad?  Oh, one more thing.... when I said I pray every day I was told that was "weird".

There are a lot of people who think that God is just someone hanging around heaven who is "on call" in case of emergency.  When you aren't having a great emergency then you are perceived as crazy if you spend time with Him.

The closer you get to the Lord the more you will find that you are considered strange by people who are not close to Him.  You will even be considered strange by pastors, priests, and other "spiritual leaders".

Don't be surprised.  Look what happened to Jesus.  The highest religious leaders of the day hated Him.

I've been trying to get myself more organized in my office.  I have multiple things going on in here and end up having stacks of paperwork.  I got tired of rifling through everything over and over.  Plus, my kitties often come on my desk to visit with me and they have a tendency to rearrange things.

I bought myself a two drawer lateral filing cabinet.  It has helped me tremendously.  I still need to do some fine tuning of my files, but it is helping in the meantime.

I as also writing myself all sorts of notes and misplacing them.  I almost had to write notes to remind me where I put my notes.  Now I've solved that problem.  I have a bunch of small note pads that I have put in a small clear-plastic sorter that was designed for holding mail.  When I write a note I keep it in the sorter until I take care of what the note is about.

When the phone rings I can grab one of the notepads and be ready to write.  That, too, is helping me a lot.

I also made a sign to hang on my door telling my family I'm working and for them to come back later.  When I am working I kept getting sidetracked with interruptions.  Now my family just apologizes first before they interrupt.  Smiley

Since I'm sharing my tips with you I'll share one more.  Have you ever called one of your credit card companies or utility companies and have them tell you that they can't speak to you because you aren't the primary person on the account?  I got sick and tired of it.

I typed up a bunch of forms that say: 
To: ______________________
Date: ____________
Regarding privacy information on our account #: _____________________
Please be advised that we choose to allow you to speak with either of us regarding any and all of our account information including, but not limited to, account balance, cancelling the account, and making changes to the account.

We do not want anyone at your company to tell either of us that they need to speak to the primary person on the account for authorization!  This notice does not expire.

Call us to confirm that you have received and accepted this privacy waiver: (my phone number)
I typed my husband's name and my name and left lines for us to sign them.

I mailed one to every company I could think of that would need to have one.  So far only 0ne local company has called me.  Most companies are getting too big for their britches.  There is no time left to spend on customers.
Wednesday I'm leaving to visit my grandbaby, Evan Matthew.  He was born June 21st.
Evan Matthew
Isn't he a sweetie pie?

So, this probably won't get updated next week.
My hubby retired in June this year.  I was a bit skeptical about how it would work out but have found it isn't as bad as I thought.  I actually have help around the house on a regular basis.  I'm not in charge of everything any more. 

All the years he was teaching and coaching he wasn't home very much.  It often felt like I was not married as I had to handle everything that happened.

It is nice to not be held to a strict schedule, too.  When we go out of town with his Guns and Garters reenactment group we don't have to fight the traffic to be home on Sunday in order for him to go to work on Monday morning.  We can come home on Monday.

We got to go to the Los Angeles County Fair two times and do it at a leisurely pace instead of cramming it in on one rushed Sunday.  It's working out fine so far.
I've been saving up things to publish here at the Clarion Call.  I just haven't had the time to spend on it.  I'm hoping I will have lots of interesting things that people have sent me for you to enjoy in the near future.
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