Words from God

Be Ready to Be Used
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"Be like a bowl. I will pour out faith, wisdom, love, understanding, knowledge. Be ready and waiting. Catch them. Fill yourself with them."
"Be ready to be used. Be ready. Be on fire. Open your heart. Enlarge your heart. Feel My love. It's there for you to receive."
"More, I have more for you, more than you can imagine. Prepare yourself. Be open and receptive."
"Wait. Prepare. Watch (for opportunities). Read. Love. Wait. Repent. Reveal (darkness). Trust. Faith. Seek. Seek more. Seek the Truth."
"Listen. Watch. Be awake. Be ready. Praise, praise, praise. Fill the skies with praise! Let it run off your lips! Fill the air! Continuous praise! There's not enough praise!"

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