Words from God

I Change Not
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"The weather changes. I change not."

"Your plans change. I change not."

"Sickness and pain come and go. I change not."

"Jobs and money are insecure. I change not."

"Your body slowly changes with age. I change not."

"Things wear out and break down. I change not."

"Friends and family change their feelings toward you. I change not."

"Every day brings uncertainty and change. I change not."

"People and things you depend on fail you. I change not."

"Your physical surroundings can be changed by wind, rain, or earthquake. I change not."
"I AM the One who changes not. I AM your source of strength in times of trouble."
"Do not compare me to people or to things that change. I AM the constant that you need."
"Place Me at the forefront of your life every day. Know that I am Unshakeable, Unmovable, and Rock Solid. Know that I AM there in the midst of the rubble of your life."
"Don't be shaken. I'm not."

"Don't be moved. I'm not."

"Don't be surprised. I'm not."

"Don't be defeated. I'm not."
"Let Me be your support when all is crumbling around you. Let Me be a Beacon in your darkness."

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