Words from God

Great Expectations
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"Expect miracles. Have great expectations. Expect healings. Expect with desire. Speak expectation. Look at the circumstance and expect resolution."
"An expectant mother knows she is pregnant and is expecting a child yet the baby is not seen. She feels the baby and expects with desire. She awaits when faith shall become sight."
"Embrace the circumstance, the problem, the person and visualize the expected end result. You can make a difference. You can affect the spiritual realm."
"Keep walking with Me. Keep your eyes on Me. See My vision of the Kingdom. See my beloved children through My eyes. Have compassion. Overlook faults--THEY ARE NOT YOUR CONCERN. See the individual."
"You have the ability to translate My love into their lives. Let My love flow freely through you. Allow Me to work through you. I Am able, you are not."
"Yes, I give you more of Me. You are seeking and you are finding. Continue in the mush. It is not mush to Me. You can't understand it. You just have to do it. Be mush, be open, be ready."
[NOTE: A friend and I decided that in order to be able to do what God wants us to do without hesitation our minds have to be made out of mush. That way we don't stop to ask, "Why?" ]
"Great expectations--nothing is impossible. Nothing!"

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