Words from God

Go, Churches, Go!
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"Very few churches are willing to open themselves up.  Very few are willing to go out where the people are -- into their homes -- into their lives -- to bring God to their homes."
"I say GO not come.  Go to them so they can come to Me.  I am wooing them to Me.  They are hungry for Me.  I lead them to you and you let them go."

"My sheep are wandering alone.  They need a flock to join.  My Body is scattered.  Pieces are missing.  Parts are asleep.  WHY?"

"Give them a home!  Show them My love.  TOUCH THEM!"

"The comfort zone is not in you, it is in Me.  Allow Me to touch them using you.  Ask Me what to do.  Give Me your arms and legs.  Why is My Body asleep?  Why do you sit there?"

"GO!  GO!  GO!"

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