Words from God

Love is I AM
Submitted by:
Kay Meyerett
Pat Chappel

"Children, if you love ME then keep my commandment:
Love one another as I have loved you."
"Love those I send to you.  Love those that spit on you and mock you."

"My children are called to love the unlovable.  Love is not bitter or resentful.  There is no pride or selfishness in love.  Love only knows how to give.  Where there is thought of self love is not."

"Oh, I would that you would know the glory of love for there is nothing greater, nothing in your world and nothing in Mine."

"I love you."

"Just as I AM, love IS.
It is not earned, it is not deserved, it just is."

We said, "Lord, teach us how to love."

" Bring each person in your life to me individually in prayer, not 'for' them but 'for' you, asking me how you can love them.  Ask Me to work My love for them in your heart."

" If you do this with no self-seeking desires but only a desire to learn to love them as I do, you will be astonished at what I can do.  My greatest desire has always been that my children learn to love as I love for love is everything."

" Love is I AM."

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