Words from God

Don't Be Led By a Ring Through Your Nose
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"Each person needs to respond to what I place in their heart. Some I call to praise. Some I call to cry. Some I call to repent. Some I call to teach. Some I call to listen. Some I call to wait. Some I call to rejoice. Some I call to dance."
"I see this. I enjoy this. I desire this. The hands of the Body are being forced to be feet or toes or elbows. I call you specifically, individually, yet corporately. A large company has an accounting department, sales department, personnel, department, workers, administrators, and more. Why should the Body be different?"
"The Body is even more diversified and specialized. No two have exactly the same calling. Listen for your plans. Wait to hear my voice."
"Be equipping yourself. All Body parts need to be filled with the Word. Everyone needs to be diving deeper into the Word and into a relationship with Me."
"Wake up My children! Don't be led as cattle with a ring through your nose! Break free of the limitations placed on My Body and My Kingdom!"
"It is up to each of you to examine the spiritual food you are fed. Is it pure? If you are filled with the Word you will choke on impurities that others might try to feed you. This is important Don't swallow if it is not from Me!"

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