Words from God

Reflection of God
Submitted by Pat Chappel

"I left heaven and My Godhead and became man and took on your humanity and your iniquity and your sin and your punishment and your death - - Why?

Why did I go through the torment and pain and horror?

So we could enjoy each other?

So you could live abundantly?

Yes, but for OH! so much more!

I came and suffered and died so you could again be one with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit - -

So you could be a
BLESSING, a JOY, so you could LOVE!"
"You are My Glory in this Earth.

You are My Chosen ones to bring My Love and My Truth and My Presence into this world.

Be My Hands, Be My Feet

Be My Mouth and speak My Words and not your own.

Go My Way and not your own

Do My Will and not your own

Be My Child - Always

Always showing forth the Glory of your Father

Always being the reflection of your God.

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