Words from God

You Shall Not Be Denied ANYTHING NOW!
Submitted by Susan E.

"Behold, I have heard your cry. I have felt the ache in your heart, but know; My plans for your life have never changed. Though the sands have beat hard against your face, and you have wondered 'why was I silent'.

My perfect will has always been there. You have always been moving towards it, for you have asked me to guide you, and so I have.
And though the road be not smooth continually, remember; I am fashioning My fingerprint in you so the evil one will have no power over any of your days."

"My healing rain is restoring your soul, your mind, your spirit, and you shall begin to see a whole new world of joy, expectation, and your heart shall overflow with such a presence of Me that everyone shall see Me in your eyes..
Look at Me now, face to face; Eye to Eye, and rest in Me..."

"I am parting the clouds now, the sky shall be bright blue you have never seen before, and you shall see rainbows this year... for now, the time has come, and as you stand on the mountains remember .... we command together.. you were destined for greatness, and now you shall reap all the years of the many years you sowed for ME, says the Lord of hosts...for I LOVE YOU.. and you shall not be denied ANYTHING NOW!"

Note from Kay:  Susan sent me this in January because the Lord prompted her to send it to me.  It encouraged me at the time because I had been feeling like I was in the "desert" spiritually.  It encouraged me to expectantly look forward.T

, a little over a month later I got a better picture of what God was saying to me through Susan.  I almost said I got the FULL picture, but I don't know if that is the entire picture or if more is coming!

Like this Word says, He heard my cry.  If you haven't read the story about the assignment God gave me you'll have to go read it before you will understand where I am going with this.  It is
Another Position Filled in the Body of Christ.

I kept asking God if I was to continue speaking life or if it was a temporary thing.  I just didn't know. Looking back, I'm going to guess that my faith wasn't strong enough or some other reason caused God to not answer me right away.  He was working on me and building me up to be ready.

I am continually fighting off those fiery darts of doubt, but that's OK.  The enemy is sure not going to give up on this one.  I'm staying focused and that makes the enemy the loser. This is a beautiful example of the different parts of the Body of Christ working together to edify and strengthen each other.  Oh, boy, I feel another article brewing in my heart on the Body.

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