Words from God

Soar With Me
Submitted by Susan E.

"As the rain of the new season in your life comes, I am well pleased with how I see you handling every situation.  I am well pleased in the nobility of the way you express yourself, when adversity would seem unavoidable in many areas."
"You are my oddity, my 'out of character' I call exactly 'in character'.  My great fingerprint is upon your life, for everyone to see.  My great plan is unfolding every day, for everyone to see over you, and every day, you get a little closer to your heart's desire."
"Stay the strange duck, that some would call you, for you are not strange to Me.  I know every feather on your back, I know every direction each feather lays in on your back, and I CALL YOU:  'BEAUTIFUL'!"
"Lift up your wings, and take to the sky.  It is where you were meant to be in the first place, to My place.  My heavens.  My sky, where there ARE NO CLOUDS."
"Forget not who you are and SOAR WITH ME."

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