Words from God
Be a Transmitter
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"Open your arms. Open your heart. Open your mind. Allow Me to pour THROUGH you. Be a relay, a transmitter, as are the cell phone towers. Don't question or examine what I send you (the cell phone towers don't!) You are to send it on as they do."
"Be doused in the Word. Let it be swarming and moving and living all over you. As you receive [from me] it will be compatible with the Word. It will slide right through and agree."
"Don't pull away as I hold your face in My hands. Look deeply into My eyes. The more time you spend with Me the more you will feel My heart."
Imagine yourself standing out on a tree limb with the sky above you and the earth below you. "I AM the Limb on which you stand. too many are afraid to go out there. They have to leave things behind. They have to take chances. They have to allow Me to be their All."
"Letting go of the security and the comfort isn't easy. Looking up instead of back is hard. You will receive contempt. You will not be understood. You will be different. You will be envied. You will be hated."
"Keep looking up. You are set apart for Me. I AM your Provision. I AM your answer. I AM the God that reveals Myself through you."
"Open the channels. Prepare yourself."

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