Words from God
Great is the Voice of the Intercessors
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"My eyes run to and fro across the earth. I am not surprised by any of this. Look in the Bible. My children have been doing these things to each other since the beginning."
"They choose to believe what they believe. They choose evil or good. Kindnesses are chosen. Prejudices are chosen. It is a game to many. They think there are no consequences. They are wrong. I am not mocked. I am not asleep. My eyes are busy. I see."
"My hands are tied behind your choices. If I am not sought then I won't interfere."
"The intercessors have a great responsibility. I hear their voices. They can make a difference. I show them what is needful. I give them a desire, a yearning, to pray. Their voices rise to My ears as one voice. I am free to move into situations and into lives. I can respond to their voice."
"Those with a heart toward Me, hear My voice! Let it settle deep within you. Allow it to form within you. Then open your mouth and I will fill it."
"Give Me your voice and give me your heart. You are needful. You are making a difference. Great is the voice of the intercessors. It carries power. It carries angels of action across the face of the earth."
"If I call you to your knees then get on your knees. If call I you to remove yourself and pray, then do so."
"The voice of the intercessors is weakened by disobedience, by fear, by pride, by busy-ness, by anger, by lack of focus, and by laziness."
"Rise up, I say, and join the others! You are not alone. You are not an army of one!"

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