Words from God
Spiritual War is Being Waged
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"There is war in the heavenlies. The battle rages over My children. as the church pulls together and becomes stronger, the enemy stirs up distractions. These distractions are removing my soldiers from the true battles."
"I AM your rear guard as you march forward in My name. Do not turn to fight the enemy coming from the rear."
"Do not retrace ground you have already conquered. You must keep your eyes stayed on the goals I have mapped out for you."
"If you have not received your battle plans from Me then stop where you are. I have the whole picture in My hands. Ask me to show you your portion."
"Battle rages all around. You must stay focused on Me."
"My angels await. The Spirit within you must be quickened. Open the channels of communication. Your thoughts and opinions and busy schedule are in the way."
"Wait on Me. Wait with anticipation, expecting results."
"Reach out. I Am not limited to being in your comfort zone. You will have to reach out past it."

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