Words from God
I Am Coming Like the Wind
Submitted by Kay Meyerett

"The wind blows where and when it wants. I Am coming like the wind."
"The wind can be destructive or it can be soft and gentle. I can make a wind chime tinkle quietly or I can rip it down causing it to clang as it goes."
"Trees can sway or trees can topple. It is a matter of roots. Where are they planted? To what do they cling? Look at the roots. What have they grown in and through? Are they in stone, dirt, or sand? How deep are they? When the way got hard did they continue digging deeper or did they veer off to softer areas?"
"The wind will blow. I choose where, when, and how hard. Don't be fooled. There is no shelter."
[You need to anchor yourself in the Word of God so that you have something solid and unchanging to grasp when the going gets tough. Hang on to God when all else is turmoil around you. Don't take your eyes off Him!]

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