This chart depicts the Biblical Holidays

Biblical holidays chart, explained below
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This chart depicts the Biblical Holidays. The Spring holidays, with New Testament references due to being historically fulfilled during Jesus' first coming, are:
1. Passover (Jesus' death)
2. Unleavened bread (Jesus' burial)
3. First fruits (Resurrection)
4. Pentecost (Holy Spirit) In between the spring and fall holidays "the church" is indicated to separate the New Testament references to the spring and fall holidays.


The Fall holidays. with a New Testament reference as going to be fulfilled during the second coming of Jesus, are:
1. Trumpets
2. Day of Atonement
3. Tabernacles

 Here's another chart: 

Another Biblical holidays chart

 From The Holidays of God: Fall Feasts, Copyright 2000 by RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI.


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